8 dead at FedEx facility

Eight people were killed and many were injured in a shooting in the city of Indianapolis, USA, police said.

Witnesses heard several gunshots at the FedEx facility and said one had seen a man firing an automatic weapon.

The shooter, who is said to have acted alone, is reported to have committed suicide. Authorities said there was no further threat to public security.

Police say some of the injured were taken to the hospital. Flights from nearby airports are not affected.

“When the police arrived, they came into contact with a lively shooting,” said Municipal Police spokesman Jennae Cook.

“Preliminary investigations on and off the premises revealed that there were eight injured at the scene, consistent with gunshot wounds. These eight were sentenced to death at the scene.

“We noticed several other injured people who were transferred to or to a local hospital.”

Ms. Cook said the motive for the killing was unknown.

The company is aware of the shooting and is working with authorities, according to a FedEx statement.

“Safety is our number one priority and our ideas are for all affected people,” he said.

Local media reported that FedEx worker Jeremiah Miller said he had seen the shooter fire.

“I saw a man with some kind of submachine gun, an automatic rifle, firing outdoors. I immediately crouched and was scared,” he said.

Last week, President Joe Biden announced his first steps since taking office to tighten gun control following a series of mass shootings.

This includes efforts to set specific gun rules, strengthen background checks, and help prevent violence in the area.