9 injured in hot air balloon crash over Eastern Alps

Hot air balloons flying over the Tyrolean Alps near Kitzbuhel, Austria, January 15, 2018. (Joe Klamar/AFP via Getty Images)

Kirchschlag, Büchligen Werth, Austria—Nine people were injured when a hot air balloon crashed over the eastern edge of the Austrian Alps on Saturday.

Sonja Kerner of the Lower Austrian Red Cross told news agency APA that two passengers were seriously injured in the crash in the Buckligewelt area, named after the hilly terrain.

He was found on Untereck with two other passengers with minor injuries, and the remaining five passengers were found with minor injuries near Stang, about 5 km (3 miles) away.

The cause of the crash was unknown.

Two seriously injured passengers were taken by helicopter to a local hospital.

Associated Press