9 shots at a Louisiana kid’s 12th birthday party

& Lt; p & gt; A house where gunshots were fired and nine children were injured. [Screen-grab]& Lt; / p & gt; (WWL-TV YouTube channel)

A house where gunshots were fired and nine children were injured. [Screen-grab]

(WWL-TV YouTube channel)

At least nine children were injured in a shooting at Saturday’s birthday party Louisiana After verbal duel Between two groups of young boys police Said. Two in nine were still hospitalized on Monday and the rest were treated and released.

The 12th birthday party at Golf View Drive in Laplace, Louisiana was held in the garage on Saturday around 8:30 pm when neighbors heard gunshots.Authorities have multiple weapon was used by.

Eight of the nine victims were all boys between the ages of 12 and 17. The two, 14 and 16 years old, who are still being treated in the hospital, were shot in the head and stomach, respectively. The St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office said doctors were in a stable condition.

At least 60 people attended the 12th birthday party. The sheriff’s office initially stated that six people were injured in the shooting, but on Monday the number was updated to nine. Police say the investigation so far has been “frustrating” and the arrests have not yet taken place. Sheriff Mike Tregre said: So we are now trying to solve it ourselves. “

Neighbor Rashad Bolden, who lives a few doors below the house where the party was taking place, WWL-TV He saw rescue workers take some victims to the hospital, and said the victims were all children. He said, “Looking out the window, I saw a lot of people running around, so I went out.” “If someone just shoots into a garage full of kids, it’s kind of ruthless,” he added.

The shooting took place on Saturday around 8:30 pm.

Sheriff Tregre said he would continue the investigation until someone released the details. “We won’t stop. We’ll continue. Someone has to come forward. This can’t go this way.” He admitted that he received the hint, but a formal statement. No one has recorded.

Authorities believe that the boy’s two feud groups had been in conflict for some time, and in the garage, during a birthday party, they began to argue.TheĀ· Associated Press In addition to the boy, a 12-year-old girl reported that her legs were injured by bullets.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bolden WWL-TV “You want to call it ruthless, but you know they aren’t old enough to know what ruthlessness is.” Most of those shots have “threatening” gunshot wounds. had. Bolden said: Thank god “

Sheriff Tregre said: “I ask witnesses to provide information that will help them know more about what happened.”

At least 38,000 people die each year from gun violence in the United States.

so report Published last year and titled. Untraceable: Ghost Gun Rising SpecterAccording to the Everytown Research and Policy, the Covid-19 pandemic noted a historical surge in gun sales nationwide. “There are plenty of concerns about hoarding in gun stores, but at least these sales are subject to background checks. Unfortunately, the online market for non-serialized ghost guns is during this national emergency. Has reached the epidemic level. “

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