97.4% of Scotland’s electricity in 2020 will come from renewable energy

Scotland wind farm

Alan Majchrowicz via Getty Images

In 2011, Scotland set a goal for itself to be fully generated from renewable energy by 2020.even thoughLast year’s final resultIt’s a little bit close, but 97.4% comes from renewable energy. This is also a significant increase of 8% compared to 2019, and almost three times the 37% in 2011. According to this momentum, 100% will probably be achieved in the past two years. At present, the main source of renewable energy in Scotland is wind power, and water power is the fastest growing project.

However, electricity is only a small part of Scotland’s total energy demand. Transportation alone accounts for nearly 25% of the total energy demand, and the largest case is air conditioning heating, which accounts for more than half of the total demand. At present, most air-conditioning heating relies on natural gas, and only 6.5% comes from renewable energy. Therefore, Scotland has a long way to go if it wants to fully rely on renewable energy.

Scotland’s current goal is to achieve half of the total demand for electricity, transportation, and heating from renewable energy by 2030, and from renewable energy in 2045. This means not only a substantial expansion of renewable energy generation equipment, but also comprehensive It is much more difficult to replace the energy transmission infrastructure than to simply convert electricity to renewable energy.

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