A 10 year old boy killed by a dog in South Wales

A 10-year-old boy died after being reportedly attacked by a dog near Caerphilly, Wales.

Gent police said they were called to an address in Pentwyn, Pentwyn, at around 3:05 pm on Monday and confirmed that the child had died on the scene.

The dog was destroyed by a firearms police officer and no other animals were involved in the attack, the military said.

Keishisei Mark Hobrow said:

“As part of this work, we may see ongoing police activity in Caerphilly. You may have seen an increase in presence earlier today while police officers were attending the case. No, but don’t worry. If you have any concerns or information, stop and talk to us. “

A nearby resident told PA News Agency: I took my son to a local store a few days ago, and he was there then, he was rushing to my son.

“My son was three years old and the dog was so big that I had to pick him up just to move around the dog. He was absolutely huge.

“He wasn’t a pet. He was taking his owner for a walk. He was huge.”

Ted Hennessy