A 10-year-old died of COVID after a teacher made her a “nurse” for sick children, parents say

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

The Virginia community was shocked after a 10-year-old girl died of a coronavirus complication. The girl’s parents say her teacher deliberately exposed her to the virus by ordering her to escort a sick student.

Suffolk public school authorities are currently investigating the claim. School district spokesman Anthonette Ward Virginia pilot If so, the move would violate school policy. The school has a rule that only adults take children with COVID-19 symptoms to the nurse’s office.

Teresa Sperry, a fifth grader at Hillpoint Elementary School, died last week just five days after she first began experiencing headaches.The family was notified by health officials that she tested positive for COVID two days after her death. pilot..

Her parents said she had taken all safety measures to protect Teresa from the virus and even took her child to school to limit potential exposure to COVID on the school bus. ..

However, they say Teresa’s teacher regularly took her to the nurse’s office with other sick children.

“It was her classroom job,” said Jeff Sperry. pilot..

“And she said that if the children were ill and needed to go home, she had to get their bookbag and get it back,” her mother told the newspaper.

The couple first claimed a bomb on Facebook, where Nicole Sperry wrote that Teresa “would have stayed here if people stopped sending their sick children to school.” rice field. Her teacher at Hillpoint gave her the job of a “nurse”. She was asked to take all the sick students in the class to the nurse’s office. “

Her mother wrote that the school district sent a letter to her parents announcing the “tragic news” of the student’s death, but not enough to call the Sperry family.

School officials have responded quickly to family claims.

“The Hillpoint Elementary School protocol is for classroom teachers or adults to contact headquarters with code” C “. When this happens, one of the managers or school nurses will come to the classroom to pick up the students, “said spokesman Ward. pilot.. “We are still investigating to ensure that this process was done faithfully.”

Both parents were vaccinated against COVID, but Jeff Sperry suffered a breakthrough infection after his daughter’s death.

so Interview with CNN Over the weekend, couples hope that even if some people choose to ignore the threat of COVID, their situation awakens others to the fact that a pandemic is still very realistic. I said there is.

“Even if it’s over, my daughter was still here and we didn’t do these interviews, we weren’t preparing for her funeral. It upset me very much. Let people be so casual about it that my only girl is gone, “Nicole said.

Jeff Sperry said Teresa was “happy, healthy and strong, and took less than five days.”

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