A 13-year-old boy “wanted to be a policeman” was killed by the Chicago Police Department



Dreaming of joining the police, the death of a 13-year-old boy who was shot dead by police in an “armed clash” this week horrified the crime-ridden city of Chicago and sought a response from the mayor. To down.

A Cook County medical inspector confirmed to The Daily Beast that Adam Toledo had died of a gunshot wound in his chest on Monday. His death after confronting the Chicago Police Department in Little Village was classified as a murder.

The boy’s family, community leaders, and even Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are asking police to publish a body camera video of the incident. Police officers involved in the shooting have been on the desk for at least 30 days before the investigation was conducted.

“Adam was in 7th grade [Gary Elementary] I enjoyed sports at school and was a good boy.He didn’t deserve to die like him, “said the Toledo family. Said in a friday statement..

Police now said UVA graduates killed by police were “wielding a pistol.”

The family said Adam was killed “due to the injustice of Chicago police officers” and “sought justice for this blamed crime.” They added that they were notified of Adam’s death only two days after Adam was killed.

“We are confident that the Chicago Police Department and the Police Department will conduct a thorough investigation to ensure transparency and to find out the truth about what happened to the Toledo family in Adam.”

The police said The incident began around 2:35 am on Monday, when police responded to a call that “multiple bullets were fired in 200 blocks of S. Sawyer.” When they arrived, they found two men (later identified as Toledo and 21-year-old Ruben Roman Jr.) in a “near alley”, at least one armed. Police said the armed person had fled the scene and urged police to begin pursuing the foot, which ended in an “armed conflict.”

A Chicago Police Department spokesperson said in a statement, “Police officers attacked chest criminals and fired weapons.” “Weapons have been recovered and the criminal has been declared dead on the scene.”

Police said Roman was detained and charged with misdemeanor to resist or interfere with police officers. According to court records, the Romans were found guilty of possessing an illegal gun in 2019 and sentenced to probation.

In an interview on Thursday Chicago sun times, Teenager’s mother, Elizabeth Toledo said she last met her son that day Before shooting when they attended a memorial service for their relatives. She said she didn’t know what caused the incident and “I just want an answer about what actually happened.”

“I haven’t been contacted by police since they knocked on my door yesterday,” she said Thursday.

The four mothers said their son was “always happy,” loved animals, and dreamed of joining the police.

“He wanted to be a police officer when he grew up,” Toledo said. “And the next thing you know is that the policeman killed him.”

The tragic shooting on Monday occurs when Chicago fights murder and shooting siege.according to Chicago Tribune, 134 people killed This year alone is higher than the same period in 2020.last year The gun-related murder was the worst year on recordAccording to the Cook County Medical Inspector’s Office.

In anger at Toledo’s death, Chicago Police Department police officer David Brown Issued statement on ThursdayCalled it a “tragedy,” he insisted that he wanted to resolutely release his body camera footage.

“My greatest fear as a Chicago Police Department overseer is fatal between one of us and the boy, especially given the recent increase in violent crime involving boys throughout our city. It was an encounter, “Brown said. “Unfortunately, this horror became a reality earlier this week. The loss of life is tragic, especially when young people are involved. On behalf of the Chicago Police Department, I mourn the boy’s family. I express my intention. “

The shootings are being investigated by police accountability private offices. The COPA initially stated that juvenile court law prohibits sharing of minors’ videos, so body camera footage cannot be released without court order, but the agency said. He said the footage will be released on Friday.

“COPA has determined that certain provisions of state law aimed at protecting the confidentiality of juvenile records do not prohibit the disclosure of materials related to the investigation by the authorities,” the authorities said in a statement. .. The law added that “it does not prevent the release of body-mounted third-party video camera footage that authorities have ever obtained.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot I took you to Twitter “I can only imagine the incredible pain that the boy’s parents are experiencing at the moment,” she added, to encourage the release of the footage on Thursday.

“His family and the general public definitely ask a lot of questions, so we need to release the relevant video as soon as possible,” Wrightfoot said, “one of the most complex cases COPA investigates.” “Transparency and speed are important.”

“We have to ask ourselves how our social safety net made this boy fail and caused a tragic event early on Monday morning,” she said.

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