A 13-year-old Edmonton girl living in Oregon is missing and a 41-year-old man is arrested


Police say a 13-year-old Edmonton girl, who had been missing for more than a week, was found alive in the United States.

She was seen arriving at junior high school, but was found after a week-long search that began when she did not appear in class.

Edmonton Police Insp. According to Brent Darsade, she is now in Oregon for preventive testing after the girl, who was reported missing on June 24, was found to be safe in the state early Saturday morning. I’m in the hospital.

Dahlseide says a 41-year-old Oregon man has been charged with the temptation of a child and is expected to face additional charges in Canada and the United States.

Edmonton police have received support from other Canadian agencies, the FBI in the United States and other police services, he says.

Darsade says the suspect is believed to have come to Edmonton, but it is not yet clear how he first contacted the girl or how she crossed the US border.

“I’m guessing they crossed the border together, but I know they were together again in the United States when they entered the country,” Darsade told reporters at an online press conference on Saturday. I am communicating online.

“I don’t know how long they’ve been in contact. At this point, the reason we charge a fee to seduce a child is because of the online history that we can support.”

Last week, a picture of the girl was posted on signs and posters throughout Alberta, alerting people to her and contacting police for hints.

Dahlseide said the Amber Alert was not issued because the investigator lacked a description of the suspect or the suspect’s vehicle.He said police had obtained the information on Friday and drafted a warning that afternoon when he learned from the Canada Border Services Agency that the suspect had traveled to the United States.

At that time, the suspect was no longer under Canadian jurisdiction, Darsade explained. This is another standard for Amber Alerts. He speculated where the suspect was heading and warned US officials.

Darsade said he believed the arrest took place outside of Gladstone, Oregon, just south of Portland and away from the suspect’s residence. He said the suspect’s name would not be published until he was formally charged.

He said the girl’s family was informed early on Saturday that she was found to be safe and they were preparing to take her home.

“We’re probably awakening them and I’m sure they appeared very early on their doors,” said Darsade.

Canadian investigators have not yet had the opportunity to talk to girls and suspects, Darsade said, and other questions remain.

Investigators said the suspect believed he had stayed in the British Columbia mission for three to four days, so he would ask the RCMP to talk to people who might have met him or the girl during that time. He said the FBI could also help provide bank and credit card information to keep the suspects moving together.

Rob Drinkwater

Canadian press