A 14-year-old Chinese Olympic diving star who won a gold medal in Tokyo says her hometown is full of influencers and tourists

Quan Hong Chang Gold Medal Tokyo 2020

Kuan Hong Chang poses with a gold medal and the Chinese flag at the women’s 10-meter platform final medal ceremony. Bai Yu via Getty Images / CHINASPORTS / VCG

  • Diving star Kuan Hong Chang’s family and neighbors have been plagued by thousands of tourists after winning the gold medal.

  • Local media reports that unwelcome visitors are flocking to the village of Kuan against the wishes of her family.

  • According to local media, village officials subsequently closed the area to all visitors.

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Chinese teenager Kuan Hong Chang won the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and she Global sensation, However, the status of a 14-year-old celebrity is now attracting thousands of unwanted tourists in her small hometown.

Tourists and internet celebrities chasing the influence of social media have gathered in her village Maihe in Guangdong to take pictures and broadcast live streams. Reported news of Chinese discipline inspection and supervision.. According to state media, the village is visited by up to 2,000 visitors daily, hanging out late into the night against the wishes of Kuan’s family and neighbors.

Elderly people in the village were unable to sleep for two consecutive days due to confusion, the report said. He added that some are trying to pick from a jackfruit tree outside Kuan’s house.Video and photos of Chinese social media platform Weibo Showing tourists flocking around the village house, Get criticism from people with comments.

Weibo Quan Hongchan Village

In this screenshot from the social media platform Weibo, people are gathering around a house in Quan Hongchan’s home village. Fan Quan Biao Mei / Weibo

According to local media, village authorities have a sufficient number and have since closed the area to visitors.

Kuan’s fame as a young Olympic gold medalist was further amplified by her humble career. Born in a lesser-known rural village, she said she started professional diving in 2017 to pay for the medical expenses of her sick mother who was injured in a car accident.

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