A 14-year-old Florida girl took $13,500 in cash from her grandma’s savings and gave it to classmates, police say.


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  • A 14-year-old Florida girl stole $13,500 from her grandmother’s safe, according to TK.

  • The girl then gave the money away to other middle school students. KDFWMore report.

  • The girl was charged with felony grand theft.

A 14-year-old Florida girl is facing a felony charge of grand theft after police said she stole $13,500 in cash from her grandmother and gave it to a student, police and school officials said.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office said KDFWMore It is unknown why the girl stole the money, half of her grandmother’s savings, or why she chose to distribute it.

sky news Police reportedly showed up at Lakeweir Middle School on Thursday after reports that a girl was handing out hundreds of dollars to other students Even the ones she didn’t know.

KDFW said school officials called parents and asked about the incident. Michelle Spaulding, Parent, Her daughter told the outlet that a girl she didn’t know tried to give her money.

“At that point, she was like, ‘Yeah, mom! A kid came up to me and asked if he wanted $100,'” Spaulding told the outlet. “And she said, ‘No, you gotta steal it.’ I want nothing to do with it.'”

The teenage girl told officers that a friend who had moved out gave her the money, Sky News reported, citing an arrest report. KDFW reports that her representative said the girl told other students that the money belonged to her grandmother.

The sheriff’s office and school officials are trying to get the money back and are asking parents to check with the children. So far school officials have found about $2,500 in the girl’s backpack, Another $700 was returned by other students, KDFW reports.

“It’s so devastating and I really hope it recovers. It feels really bad for the family,” Spaulding told KDFW.

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