A 17-year-old Maryland student was charged after it was discovered that one of his classmates had been shot in a school toilet.

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  • A 15-year-old student was found shot in the bathroom of a school at McGruder High School in Rockville, Maryland.

  • The shooting took place on Friday afternoon and the school was closed.

  • Police have identified the shooting suspect as Stephen Alston Jr. He was arrested and charged with a second attempted murder.

A 17-year-old Maryland student was arrested and charged after one of his classmates was found shot dead in a school toilet at The Dock McGruder High School in Rockville.

An unidentified 15-year-old victim was found in a gunshot wound in one of the school’s bathrooms by security guards. According to Montgomery County police, he was taken to the hospital for surgery and was in crisis as of Saturday night.

A spokesman for the department told insiders on Sunday afternoon that there was no up-to-date information on the condition of the victims.

Police have identified Stephen Alston Jr., 17, as a suspect in the shooting. Press release..

Earlier, school guards noticed the shooting around 12:53 pm on Friday. Press release.. The school was closed as police and SWAT members searched the building.

According to the statement, Alston Jr. was “discovered in the classroom and detained after 3 pm.” ..

Police added that there was no evidence that the suspect was targeting other students or school staff.

Alston Jr. was detained unrestrained and charged as an adult for a second attempted murder, a first assault, the use of firearms on a felony consignment, possession of dangerous weapons on school grounds, and possession of firearms. It depends on the minor.

and letter To his parents on Friday, McGruder High School principal Leroy Evans wanted the victims to “quickly recover.” According to the Mongomery Schools website, students will be closed on Monday, January 24th, for existing planned days for teachers.

Monifa McKnight, Interim Supervisor of Montgomery County Public School, said: statement The incident “has a great impact on the security of our community.”

‚ÄúStudents and staff strongly believe that it is worth learning and working in a safe environment. Students must feel safe to learn effectively. Violence and weapons are absolute in our school. We need to make it clear that it doesn’t exist in, “McKnight said.

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