A 20-year-old Raleigh student who was murdered recently married her murder suspect

A 20-year-old Raleigh student, who was found dead in her apartment this week, married a man who was recently accused of killing her, court records show.

Video transcript

ELAINA ATHANS: A monument is growing along Hillsborough Street outside the apartment complex where Christina Matos once lived. People who leave flowers, candles and balloons with a message of love. Today, the man was accused of murdering a college student and went to court.

Eric Hernandez Mendes was charged with murdering his roommate and leaving Christina Matos dead. I still don’t know why or how she was killed. Overwhelmed by her sorrow, her parents spoke to us after the courtroom.

Yolanda Matos: Why are humans doing that? There is no respect you know. I have no regrets. There is no love. So it’s difficult.

ELAINA ATHANS: Hernadez-I’m learning that Mendez and Matos grew up together. They both attended Clayton High School and graduated from class in 2020. Hernandez Mendes uploaded this photo to Facebook with a hat and gown along with a strap around her neck. People who have attended hearings for years and know both anger and emotions.

Everything about Christina was beautiful.

ELAINA ATHANS: A friend is confident that someone else is involved.

What was done in the dark will eventually come to light.

There is something else that needs an answer. There is something else!

ELAINA ATHANS: Her parents feel the same way.

Yolanda Matos: I can’t believe that only one did it to her.

ELAINA ATHANS: They lead responsibility by fighting for justice.

Yolanda Matos: I’m 100%, but I know my daughter is strong. I think she is fighting for life. And I know she has one gang, so they have another.

ELAINA ATHANS: So we will bring you back to the monument along Hillsborough Street. Her friends are also waiting for justice there.

In Raleigh, Elaina Athans, ABC 11 Eyewitness News.