A 28-year-old Atlanta man who died of COVID-19 left a final message about the vaccine


“I didn’t expect to be a widow at the age of 25,” Brittany Wright said.

A man in Atlanta who died of COVID-19 had one desire to get more people vaccinated.

“That’s his message.” Get the vaccine. I don’t like people being like me. ” Brittany Light, 25, of her 28-year-old husband Braderick LightDied on Saturday night.

Braderick Light and Brittany Light theGRIO.com

BraderickWright and BrittanyWright (credit: GoFundMe)

According to his wife, Braderick was hesitant to get vaccinated. Brittany took a jab last month and is still waiting to get her second shot, WSB-TV Channel 2 Report.

“He was so involved in TikTok’s conspiracy theory that he just didn’t want to get (shots),” Brittany said. “He didn’t trust the government.”

Both couples were infected with the coronavirus, but only Braderick was finally hospitalized on July 30. He is reported to have pre-existing symptoms such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Brittany was finally able to talk to her husband again before the doctor had to intubate him.

“I told him I didn’t want to lose him,” she said. “I told him I love him.”

A few hours later he died.

“I’m 25, so I didn’t expect to be a widow at 25,” Brittany said. The couple dating for five years before getting married in December.

“We were old together, had children, had grandchildren, and just expected to live a life. But sadly, I’m here today and planning his funeral. increase.”

Family GoFundMe To help with funeral expenses and invoices.

“My husband was really, really stupid. He knew that life was always an adventure,” Brittany said. “We were planning a trip, but now we don’t know what to do. He is literally the light of my world, and that light has gone out.”

BraderickWright and BrittanyWrighttheGRIO.com

BraderickWright and BrittanyWright (credit: GoFundMe)

Brittany has a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and may survive the infection.

According to the CDC, 50.2% of the US population is fully vaccinated, and 58.8% of the population is at least first vaccinated.

“If you vaccinate the overwhelming majority of the population, you don’t know what the threshold is, but the virus goes away and you don’t have to worry, at least in this country,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden Chief Medical Advisor, USA Today On the weekend. “Otherwise, you’ll have a smoldering level of infection, which will be confused with the flu in the fall, in the winter, and come back in the spring.”

Dr. Fauci argues that if unvaccinated, it may create new COVID-19 mutants that are resistant to the vaccine.

“Using Delta causes the virus to spread much faster than the original alpha variant,” Fauci said. “If you allow the virus to replicate for months, months, or months, you may have a mutant that escapes vaccine protection, and there is no guarantee, but it is possible.”

On the other hand, fully vaccinated people are still infected with COVID, but immunization significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization and death.

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