A 3-year-old boy and father found alive after Amber Alert in Quebec: Police

Montreal — Quebec police were negotiating with a man accused of abducting his three-year-old son earlier in the week in an incident that caused Amber Alert and a massive Manhunt on Saturday night.

The Amber Alert ended on Saturday, and investigators found a 36-year-old man and his child not far from where they were last seen in Saint-Paul, Quebec, about 400 km northeast of Quebec City.

“They are in place, but there is still negotiation and operation to deal with the situation,” Sgt said. Stephane Tremblay from Sûreté du Québec in Montreal.

Men and children were still alive, according to Tranbray, but there is no better word for their condition.

Tremblay did not provide details on how the pair was found, but said police would release more information within the next few hours.

Police said police were at the scene of Chemindela Coulée-Carrier in Saint-Paul and urged people to avoid the area.

“It’s a secluded place near a small village, and knowing that he may have a weapon, so that people invade distant forests and try to interfere with something. We don’t want it. We are at risk, “Tranbray said.

Police had previously thought they could be in the woods near the town on the Gaspe Peninsula. The man is known to have survival skills in the wilderness and said he may be using materials collected from nearby chalets and trailers.

Investigators on Friday announced that they used DNA testing to identify the items used by the pair, the findings they said suggested they were nearby and alive.

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