A $ 30 million Kansas mansion with scuba diving tunnels and more auctioned

If you’re looking for a European-style castle-like mansion with a maze of water-filled underground tunnels used for scuba diving, this property is a fraction of the estimated $ 30 million to build. May be yours.

Named after King Arthur’s legend, the Spirit of Avalon is a 15-acre luxury property on the west side of Quivira Lake on 5225 Renner Road in northwestern Johnson County. The property, which is currently for sale for $ 5.75 million, will be auctioned by a New York-based luxury real estate auction company from July 23 to July 28 without reservation.

“Auction company, Concierge auctionEncourages people to open their bids before the start date of July 23, “said Crown Realty Realtor, who is listing his home with his father, realtor Gary Hossack. Katie Casey said.

“On the night of July 22, the owner will decide where to start the auction based on those opening bids.” According to Casey, you can make a reservation to visit the property. If you are interested in bidding, you will need a bidder deposit of $ 100,000.

The 17,755 sq ft house has 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 7 half baths and several commercial kitchens.It was custom built in 1993 for businessmen Dennis Langley, A gas company executive and lawyer, and his wife, Lynette Shaw. “It took me about two years to build a house,” Casey said.

The grounds feature views from almost every window, with terrace gardens, statues, water views, miles of paved walking, running and golf cart trails across the grounds in a well-maintained grounds. There is. “It’s like an arboretum, it’s so beautiful,” Casey said.

Langley, once the Senator’s chief speech writer Joe Biden, Was a scuba diving enthusiast. Since the late 1990s, Langley has spent an estimated $ 10 million on improvements such as the addition of scuba diving tunnels, caves and 35-foot-high waterfalls. The waterfall is poured into a magnificent 30-foot pond rich in carp, catfish and bass. “You can fish, swim, and jump from cliffs into ponds,” Casey said. “It took about a couple of years to build the caves and tunnels,” Casey said. “There is a pool in the cave.”

Langley was injured and died in 2017 after falling while pruning a tree on his land. His widow has been miniaturized and is now on sale.

“The house has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and seven half-baths,” Casey said. She said the property was originally for sale for $ 11.8 million in September 2019, but is now for sale for $ 5.75 million. “Kansas City doesn’t have this kind of comp,” she said, saying it’s a unique property for sale around the world.

Casey said it took about two years to build the house. In 2002, a large double-decker library was added. Dewey’s decimal books are placed on shelves in a 6,440-square-foot library with vast floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, hand-carved dragon doors, ornate stained-glass windows, and a large stained-glass dome. There is. The house also has a large entertainment space, guesthouse, media center, theater room, basketball court and volleyball court. A hot tub, sauna, steam room and wet bar are also built into the house.

In the primary bedroom Sistine Chapel-In another room, like a hand-painted mural of God’s hand, Hubble telescope.. “The whole house just pulls you in,” Casey said.

“Some antiques are built into the house,” Casey said. She said Spanish works carved from the 1490s will remain at home. “There is also a pulpit from Salem Witch Trials It will sell with your home in Salem, Massachusetts. “

Many of the antiques, luxury furniture and movables that filled the property were auctioned in 2019 and the property is now on sale.

“From the initial purchase price to all the updates they made, they invested nearly $ 30 million in real estate,” Casey said. “I think the first bid will be about $ 2 million, but there’s no way to really know that.”

According to Casey, the house is sold everywhere possible. “People from Colorado, executives from Kansas City, and people from Thailand have come to see the house. It’s definitely getting worldwide attention.”

Casey said the auction method has been very successful for auction companies to sell properties of this caliber nationwide. The auction will run until July 28th.

Watch the video above for a tour of this mansion.

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