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Former NFL Pro suspected of killing his beloved Doc in a South Carolina shooting — then point his gun at himself

According to locals, The Daily Beast’s photo illustration / photo Getty / Handout Rock Hill, South Carolina-Former NFL player Philip Adams shot five people, including his beloved family doctor and his grandson, in a shooting on Wednesday. Killed. Authorities Dr. Robert Leslie (70), wife Barbara (69), and two grandchildren Ada (9) and Noah (5) are in the afternoon at the couple’s Marshall Road house just outside Rock Hill. Killed shortly before 5 o’clock. Fifth victim, 38 years old-old James Lewis, according to his dad, was repairing the air conditioner in Leslie’s house at the time of the shooting. Colleague Robert Shuk suffered a “serious gunshot wound” and was in the hospital. York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson said Thursday that the first call to 911 came from the manager of Gaston Sheet Metal Services. From a neighbor who shouted “shot” and said he was mowing the grass when he heard 20 bullets. When authorities arrived, they found two workers outside the house. The other four victims were found dead in the back room. According to official records, 32-year-old Adams and his parents live less than a mile from Leslie’s, but the connection between the two families was unknown. Mr. Tolson said there were no signs that Dr. Leslie had a relationship between a soccer player and a doctor and a patient, but the Associated Press later reported that the suspect was actually a doctor’s patient and said about the case. I quoted the person who received the explanation. This makes sense for all of us, “Tolson said. Neighbors who knew Adams were similarly shocked and confused. Neighbor Mandy Williams, who said his son played soccer with Adams in elementary school, said the overall situation was “atypical” and the town remained “ravaged.” “I had a kid who went to school with Philip,” she said. She described both Adams and Leslies as a great family. Neighbor Casey Degolia, who said he was a friend of Adams, said the former soccer star was fine when the two met just three days ago. But when DeGolyer said he met Adams again on Wednesday, Adams was riding a four-wheeled buggy and wearing a black helmet just before police said the shootings had taken place. When Philip passes by with a four-wheeled buggy. He usually wears a hat backwards and a small gaiter on his face, but yesterday he wore a black helmet and a black lens. He passed by, so I waved at him and drove to the driveway. Said Degolier. He left immediately and returned later, but said he was only told to evacuate from the police because he had an active archer. “I didn’t know it was Philip,” he said, adding that he saw Adams leave Leslie’s house and wave to another neighbor shortly after the shooting. There was evidence that immediately pointed out his involvement in the killing. Hours later, investigators surrounded Adams’parents’ home nearby. They evacuated his father, Alonso, and his disabled mother, Philis, and tried to talk to Adams outside, but he was eventually found dead in his bedroom with a gunshot wound on his head. Said. “Thinking” was stealing a car: PDAlonzo Adams told WCNC-TV that he had accused football of his son’s problems. “I can say he’s a good boy. He was a good boy. I think football has ruined him,” he said. “He didn’t talk much and no one cares.” The father said he knew the Leslie family and was a patient of Dr. Leslie long ago. “I know they were the good people there. NFL agent Scott Casterline told the state that he couldn’t answer the phone from Alonzo Adams on the morning of the shooting. Caster. Rhein said in a voicemail message that he only listened on Wednesday night, and Alonzo Adams said, “I want to talk about Philip.” “Philip was a really lonely ranger. He really liked being alone, even when he was playing … I loved Philip like his brother,” Casterline said. Told. “Philippe Adams we knew, this wasn’t near him. It’s really sick for the victims and their families,” he added, adding that he hadn’t talked to Alonzo yet. Adams suffered multiple injuries, including concussion and ankle fractures, during his defensive back career at the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, and Atlanta Falcons. Prior to his football career, he went to South Carolina. Former Dallas Cowboys and Gerald Dixon Jr. from Rockhill told The Daily Beast that he grew up “idolizing” Adams after his father, former NFL linebacker Gerald Dixon, took it. Participated in a local match. He said he was a Rock Hill High ball boy when Philip was a star player. There was no bone of hatred in his body, “he said. “I’m sure there were some demons he was fighting because this isn’t like him. Mental health is something that needs to be dealt with and taken seriously. Dixon Jr. When a former soccer player congratulated him on opening a juice store, he said he met Adams at the end. “It’s hard to keep in touch, but when I see him, it’s nothing but love and encouragement. I did, “he said. Robert Leslie Leslie, on the other hand, was called the “staple” of the community. His decades of career means treating or knowing almost everyone in Rock Hill, a place called the American football city. To know the Leslie family is to love them. Over the decades, they have had an unprecedented and incredible impact on the lives of our region and the myriad of people, “said Ralph Norman (R-SC). The Lewis family said in a statement on Thursday. “It’s impossible to imagine the sadness that Leslie’s family would feel, especially with adult children.” The locals were surprised at the unexplained situation. “We’re just shocked. I can’t believe this happened. Who wants to hurt Leslie?” A friend of the family told The Daily Beast Thursday, how the community “ravaged.” I explained. Lewis’s father, Tom, told the local station WSOC9 that his son was working on the Leslie’s air conditioner when the shooting took place. “He was my best friend,” he said. Gaston Sheet Metal Services stated that both Lewis and his colleagues are “a family that embodies the value they strive to achieve in GSM” and “a long-time beloved member of our family in GSM.” It was. -A focused, cheerful and wonderful team member who cares for all the people he meets. “He was my best friend.” I’m talking to Tom Lewis, the father of a Gastonian engineer who was killed in a shooting at a house outside Rock. James Lewis was working on AC when a shooter killed his family at home and Lewis was seriously injured. pic.twitter.com/ NkleSRPA7R—Ken (@ kenlemonWSOC9) April 8, 2021 Trent Farris, Sheriff’s Office, said Dr. Leslie was one of the most famous people in the local community. “I lived in Rock Hill for the rest of my life and Dr. Leslie was my doctor,” he said. “”[He’s] It was one of the people that everyone knew. He started the Riverview Medical Center at Rock Hill … it was a staple of Rock Hill. On his website, Dr. Leslie writes that he and Barbara have been married for over 40 years and have four children and six grandchildren. “In my spare time, I enjoy writing, playing golf, hunting, growing fruits and hops, and bag piping,” he writes. He also talks about decades of emergency medical experience in Rock Hill and North Carolina. Author of eight books on true stories from the emergency room. One is written by ER angels. “Twenty-five years at the ER have taught me a lot. I definitely know that life is fragile. I understand that humility may be the greatest virtue. And we are convinced that we need to take the time to tell those we care deeply about what we feel deeply, and the most sincere. “A man.” “He loved life and his family to the fullest, and most importantly, he loved God. He was the sweetest and weirdest person. He was always with someone he knew. “I made a joke,” Pagiajitis told The Daily Beast, adding that Leslie’s wife was “the most fun, classy and lovely” woman. “His grandson was his greatest joy. He cherished family time beyond words,” added Pagiazitis. “He had a golden heart and always gave his passion and professionalism to all patients.” The shooting was shot by President Joe Biden in a speech at the White House Rose Garden on gun reform. It happened hours before we called gun violence “fashion” and “international embarrassment.” Adams was the 2010 NFL’s seventh round pick, according to local news reports in which the suspect was identified after the deadly “business conflict” shooting in California. [Mike] It was a single tally when my name appeared on the TV screen, “he told Herald Online at the time, saying that the first beneficiary of his new fame was his mother paralyzed in a car accident. .. “I can’t explain how I felt when I saw my name. In 2010, Herald reported that Adams’ mom was a longtime teacher at Rock Hill, known as” Mrs. “in town. PA “She didn’t respond to the Daily Beast’s request for comment. Citing court records, the Charlotte Observer reported Thursday that Adams was charged with a simple assault and battery in 2009, but was acquitted in a bench trial. Earlier this month he was convicted of failing to maintain proof of insurance and multiple transportation charges, including drunk driving. 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