A 5-year-old patient who was seriously injured in a collision with Britt Reid was discharged two months later

According to the family, a girl who suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident involving former Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid returned home two months later.

The February 4th crash remained first 5 year old Ariel Young In a coma, a family of three, including a 4-year-old cousin, was also injured. Reed, who crashed into his family along Interstate 435, was also injured. Reed has since been charged with drunk driving.

“Ariel is recovering at home. I hope that being close to her will help her remember things,” the family wrote in their update on Tuesday. GoFundMe page. “She is doing physiotherapy, but for now she can’t walk, talk, or eat like she’s a normal five-year-old.”

Ariel cannot speak or walk and is nourished through a feeding tube. According to prosecutors, she suffered from a parietal fracture, a brain contusion, and a subdural hematoma.

“I hope that being in a familiar environment induces parts of her brain that haven’t awakened yet,” said family lawyer Tom Porto this week. “Undoubtedly, her recovery process will last for a long time, if not indefinitely. It’s painful and I don’t know what the future holds.”

According to a previous update from the family on GoFundMe on March 27, Ariel is improving slightly every day, but she is still making a long recovery.

“Britt Reid lives a daily life, but she can’t. Remember her story,” the family wrote at the time. “The court will take a long time and I don’t know what all the consequences will be. So share her story and keep praying for her and her family.”

As of Wednesday morning, GoFundMe totaled nearly $ 572,500 from more than 13,600 donors. The family says that part of the money will go to her medical expenses.

on Monday, Jackson County Public Prosecutor’s Office Indicted Reed (35 years old), a class D felony who was seriously injured while driving under the influence of alcohol. If convicted, Reed could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison.

Prosecutors said Andy Reid, a former chiefs linebacker coach and head coach’s son, struck two cars beside an entrance ramp along Interstate 435 near the team’s training facility. I will. Reed told the first responding police officer that he had quit his job, according to a statement of possible causes.

According to the prosecutor, he was driving more than 83 mph two seconds before his car collided with another car. Prosecutors also claim that Reed’s serum blood alcohol level was 0.113 about two hours after the collision. The legal limit is 0.08.

After the crash, Reed allegedly admitted to police that he had been drinking in advance. Police said Reed’s eyes were “bloody and red.” According to court records..

Police officer Said in the search warrant application He was able to smell “the moderate smell of alcoholic beverages emanating from him.” Reed is said to have admitted to police that he had “2-3 glasses of drink.”

At the scene, police officers conducted an outdoor drinking test. Reed was taken to the Research Medical Center after complaining of stomach pain. He suffered an inguinal injury in a crash that required emergency surgery. Upon his arrival at the hospital, the investigator obtained a search warrant and collected four blood vials to test blood alcohol levels and the presence of regulatory substances.

According to prosecutors, Reed has a valid Kansas driver’s license and previous alcohol-related arrests in Pennsylvania and Arizona.

He surrendered to Kansas City police on Monday afternoon and was released after depositing a $ 100,000 deposit.

According to court documents, Ariel’s mother, Felicia Miller, arrived on February 4 to help her cousin, who was stuck with Chevrolet Impala running out of gas. Miller said he saw the rear-view mirror when he returned to the driver’s seat of the traverse and saw the headlights of an approaching vehicle.

After an airbag struck her and broke her seat, the impact of a rear-end collision caused Miller to lose consciousness for a moment. When she woke up, Miller called her children.. She placed Ariel on the traverse under the folded third seat.

Ariel was unresponsive. According to the prosecutor, an ambulance arrived and took the child to the Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Miller’s sister, Angela Sentz, suffered a facial cut and concussion and was treated at St. Luke’s Hospital, court records said. Saenz said he didn’t remember much about the crash because he lost consciousness.

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