A 68-year-old Japanese woman surrenders after suffocating her bedridden daughter

A 68-year-old Japanese mother surrendered to the police shortly after murdering her bedridden daughter.

Fumiko Yamada, Naka City, Ibaraki Prefecture Suffocated Megumi, a 46-year-old daughter, wrapped cellophane around her face and strangled her with a rope while she was sleeping on the morning of April 13.

Yamada, who was identified as Ayako Yamada in several reports, rode a bicycle to the police station and crouched around 2 am.

“I’m tired of taking care of her. I killed my daughter,” she said. Reportedly I told the police.

During a police investigation, Megumi was taken to a hospital where she was sentenced to death. Mr. Yamada, who lives alone with her daughter, says that Megumi has been bedridden since April.

authorities Arrested and charged Yamada is currently under investigation for a murder case.

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