A 78-year-old man was picking up medicine at CVS in Florida.His errand is now a murder case

Uken Cummings was what many people do every day. A 78-year-old Orlando man received a prescription at a local CVS and returned to his car in the parking lot.

Great-grandfather never makes it from a lot.

Cummings was shot in the parking lot on Sunday afternoon, January 30, when he was returning to his car, according to Orange County’s agent.

“He shot him and faced two suspects who took his car key with him. An Orange County Sheriff’s agent said in a statement, these while he was lying on the ground. The brave murderer knocked the car back and ran him again, escaping from the Mercedes scene. “

On Thursday, the department announced that two people had been arrested for the killing of Cummings and released a video of the pair being detained.

19-year-old Javonne Marece White was charged with one felony murder by firearms and carjacking by firearms.

Jasmine Yvonne Manlo, 25, was charged with a felony first-class murder and a firearm carjacking.

“It doesn’t make sense to shoot a 78-year-old man with a gun.” Cummings daughter I told WFTV channel 9.

The Cummings family told FOX35 News that he was using it. PowersDrive CVS And Silver Star Road for 20 years.