A 9-year-old girl was “executed” during a quarrel by her mother’s ex-boyfriend, according to Texas police.


According to local reports, the Texas mother was watching a movie in bed with her children when her ex-boyfriend appeared to demand a television that she believed she was.

Jeremiah Jones, 22 years old According to court documents obtained by KPRC, he tore the television from the wall and demanded that his ex-girlfriend turn the phone over. Her mother, Brittany Sollers, says she had accused her of dating someone else.

Sollers reported giving him her phone As they insisted In front of her Houston apartment, KTRK reported. Then she says, he went to the bedroom behind her where her children were.

According to a Houston television station, the 29-year-old mother heard two ammunition before Jones left the bedroom.

Jones has been accused of pushing his mother to the ground Point a gun before shooting her In the shoulder, KHOU reported. When she ran into her bedroom, he drove away.

KTRK reports that she found her daughter, 9-year-old Khylie Solrrells, being shot in the head. The child was “executed,” police told KPRC.

According to a news release, the Houston Police Department was called in for shooting around 10 pm on Monday, June 13.Both the mother and the child were taken to the hospital, where Daughter was declared dead..

Investigators say Jones and his ex broke up about two months before the deadly debate. He appeared in her apartment without notice.

Police said Jones was arrested on June 14 and charged with murder and assault with deadly weapons.

“this Meaningless acts of domestic violence Police chief Troy Finaler said in a statement. “That sweet kid was a student and a member of our Police Activities League (PAL) program. Ask the community to pray for this angel, her mother, and her family.”

Sorrells said at GoFundMe that Khylie is PAL’s MVP star basketball player and loves to make videos for TikTok. She was supposed to start fifth grade in the fall.

“I don’t want anyone, especially my child, to have this kind of pain,” the mother wrote.

If you are experiencing domestic violence and need to talk to someone, call the Domestic Violence Hotline for help. 1-800-799-7233 Alternatively, text “START” to 88788.

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