A 9-year-old shot who jumped on a trampoline at a birthday party died, according to a Minnesota family.

The nine-year-old girl died almost two weeks after being hit by a stray bullet, according to the girl’s family and Minneapolis police.

According to police, Trinity Otson-Smith was injured in a drive-by shooting on May 15, and police continue to search for shooters. Did she do that? Jump to the trampoline at a friend’s birthday party KMSP reported when the bullet hit her head.

Trinity’s injury was very terrible Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder said at a press conference live streamed by KTSP that police officers broke the protocol to rush her to the hospital in a police car.

“For the last 12 days, the child has fought for her life, and today the fight is over,” said the elder.

The girl’s mother, Nicole Otson, said on the GoFundMe page that Trinity aims to be a teacher with a “plan to change the world.”

“Our baby Trinity passed today.” Raishawn Smith wrote on Facebook Of his daughter. “God has got her now.”

Trinity is one of three children shot in the head in Minneapolis this month. Anya Allen, 6, shot while eating McDonald’s in her family’s car, KARE-TV reported. She died in a local hospital.

Radavionne Garrett Junior, 10, was hit by a bullet while riding in a car with his parents, WCCO reported. He had brain surgery, a television station reported.

Almost all of the police murder teams are working on three cases, the elder said. A $ 30,000 reward is provided for the arrest and conviction of one of the shooters, saying Elder has put in “many of the tips”.

“We all have ties, we can’t leave such a call, and we’re not affected,” said the elder.

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