A Alberta man accused of murdering a hunter took the law in his hands: a prosecutor

Prosecutors say they handed them over when their father and son, accused of killing two Metis hunters, chased them on a rural road in Alberta and shot them to death.

Jordan Carr said in Edmonton’s trial that Roger and Anthony Bilodore thought the two hunters were trying to steal from them and wanted to kill them for it.

Bilodeaus faced two counts of each of the second murders, both pleading not guilty.

The court said Anthony Birodeau had been called by his father and brother in March 2020 and was tracking a truck he thought was in his yard earlier that day.

In a cross-examination of Kerr’s Anthony Bilodo, he said he should have told his father and brother not to chase the truck and call the police.

Kerr says Anthony Bilodo got a gun and ammunition instead, then caught up with his relatives and shot Jacob Sansom and his uncle, Cardinal Maurice.

Anthony Bilodo said he wasn’t thinking of calling the police at the time and wanted to find his father and siblings in case protection was needed.

The crown also says that Anthony Bilodo spent the night destroying the evidence after shooting Sansom on his chest and the Cardinal on his arm three times.

Bilodo says he cut the gun, removed some lights from the truck’s bumper, and disposed of the item in another garbage dump.

He also says he lied when he first told the police that he didn’t shoot the hunter because he was afraid to go to jail to protect his family.

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