A bear attacks and kills a deer in a horrifying video shot by an angler along Lake Tennessee


Two men fishing in the dark on a lake in eastern Tennessee hear strange noises from the shore and discover that they are big bears in the process. Of killing and eating deer

A video of a horrifying moment recorded in the glare of a spotlight shows a deer kicking the ground in vain as a bear holds it down and bites it.

It is something that people rarely witness in the state, and Acts as a reminder How likely are unpredictable black bears, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

“85% of the black bear’s diet is made up of plants, but you won’t know that after watching this video!” The agency wrote in a Facebook post on July 19th where they shared the video.

“Fishers Dustin Tory and Adam Buckles were fishing on Lake Watauga a few days ago and shot this unusual video of a black bear catching and killing an adult white-tailed deer …. cute and cute. I know it looks like, but keep in mind that they are predators and can attack. “

Lake Wataga 10.5 square miles A mountain reservoir near the North Carolina border, Can reach £ 500.

An attack has occurred Around 11:00 pm On Sunday, July 17, local time, Tolley says he was warned by the “most crazy sound” of something that seemed to be heading for the boat.

“So we knew what the light of the boat was coming towards us. That’s what we’re seeing,” he wrote on Facebook.

“we Did not know what I came down the mountain towards us (I was going to go). Getting on a boat with us sounded like a hassle. …A little scared.. “

The video is only about 30 seconds because the pair decided they were “not stuck” to see what happened next. Tolley says the bear looked like it was trying Drag the deer to the mountain..

His video has been played nearly 400,000 times as of July 20, with hundreds of comments from people who feared being fascinated.

“Here, I thought that the black bear only ate berries and not the big animals.” Hope Zdonowicz I have written.

“This shows how dangerous the Asiatic black bear is.” Kenji Woods I posted.

According to Tennessee officials, the bear died of heat after being accidentally trapped in a car.

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