A bear prying through the windows of an open house in the town of Rocky Mountain. “Go straight to the refrigerator”


Bears can invade the house simply. According to Colorado wildlife officials, they only need windows in a small cracked space.

Bears have attacked several homes in the Rocky Mountain town of Estes Park, according to Colorado Parks and wildlife officials.

The determined animals invaded the house by tearing open windows and opening unlocked doors. If the door has a straight lever-style handle, it’s not too difficult for a bear to open the door and walk inside.

“Most of the incidents involved bears breaking open cracked windows,” Parks and Wild Life officials said on Twitter on Tuesday. “Make sure all home windows are completely closed and latched.”

Bears The nose is “100 times more sensitive” Parks and Wildlife states on its website that food can be smelled up to 5 miles away from humans.They can also look Garbage that smells of food Or scented products such as air fresheners, wipes and perfumes.

The bear is smart and returns to where he found the food.

“Most of the time, in Estes, when a bear enters the house, it goes straight to the fridge or pantry,” wildlife officials said. “This is a dangerous and learned behavior. All of us who live in or visit the bear country can prevent it altogether.”

Parks and Wildlife said that people in the bear country always need to lock their windows and doors in their homes and cars.

Hungry in the same Colorado town Bear invaded At least 8 cars overnight. All cars have been unlocked.

Hungry bears broke into at least eight cars in search of food, Colorado officials said.

“Not all cars come with food or attractants, but some bears want to move from car to car to see if they’re unlocked and find food. “More,” said wildlife officials.

The bear did damage when it invaded other homes in the west. In California The bear wandered into the couple’s house And in April they ruined their kitchen.

March, Mother bear and her three children I stripped the siding from my King’s Beach house and dumped part of the basement in the trash. They also broke the gas line.

Wildlife authorities Bear invades your home, You shouldn’t face it.

“Most bears will soon find an escape route,” the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said on its website. “Move to a safe place. Do not block the exit point. If the bear does not leave, go to a safe place and call 911.”

Wildlife authorities have also provided the following tips to stop bears:

  • Do not leave kitchen waste in the yard

  • I have a trash can that is strong against bears

  • Please do not take out the trash can until morning.

  • Do not leave food in the car

  • Do not spray bear spray near the premises (drying can attract bears)

  • Do not feed wildlife near your home

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