A bee-stabbed semi-driver leaves the freeway and loses a load of cheese on the lake, according to a Washington state police officer.

Officials said that when the bees stabbed the driver, they caused some confusion on the Washington highway.

Joshua Young, 40, was driving a cheese-stuffed cicada when a bee stabbed him on Wednesday, he told Washington State Police. He was traveling from Idaho to Tillamook, Oregon with cheese.

The puncture wound was so bad that he left the road for a guardrail, Washington State Patrol trooper Will Finn told McClutch News. Young was not injured during the crash.

The cicada smashed into a guardrail on State Highway 14 and caused 300 feet of damage, Finn said. The cicada then moved down the embankment, turned over and landed on it.

The crash caused a leak of diesel fuel that had been contained before entering nearby Lake Roland, causing cheese to spill. Some cheese rolled further down the embankment into the lake.

“Cleanup and recovery is estimated to take two days with intermittent lane closures,” Finn said in an email. “Fuel spills and product spills into Lake Roland have notified the Washington State Department and the Fish and Wildlife Service as a precautionary measure.”

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