A black Google employee said he was “escorted” from the campus by security because he “did not believe” he was working there, the report said.


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  • Black Google’s product manager said in a viral tweet last week that he was stopped by security and work.

  • The employee said, “Someone called me a guard because I didn’t believe I was an employee.”

  • Google spokesperson Told Forbes They said the workers “take their concerns very seriously.”

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A black Google employee said he was stopped by security at his job after someone reported him.

Angel Onuoh, an associate product manager at the company and a recent graduate of Harvard University, tweeted that it was stopped by security and stopped him and didn’t believe he was working for the company. Forbes reported.

“Someone called me security because someone rode my bike around the Google campus and didn’t believe I was an employee,” Onuoha said. Posted viral tweets September 20. “I had to be accompanied by two guards to see the ID badge.”

Two days later, Onuoha Tweet The security said, “I was robbed of my ID badge later that day and was told to call security if something went wrong.”

“And that was after I hugged me for 30 minutes, so I couldn’t get on the bus and go home,” he added.

According to Onuoha LinkedIn Profile, he works at Google’s Mountain View office in California.

Google and Angel didn’t immediately respond to insider requests for comment. However, a Google spokeswoman told Forbes that he “takes this employee’s concerns very seriously” and contacted him about the case.

A spokeswoman told Forbes, “The employee learned that there was a problem with the badge due to an administrative error and asked the reception team for help. After the problem could not be resolved, he asked the security team to investigate. Please help us solve the problem. “

The statement continues as follows: “In a broader sense, one recent step to reduce the occurrence of badges is to clarify that employees should leave the investigation of this type of access concern to the security team. Our goal is to make Google a comprehensive workplace for all employees and to increase their sense of belonging, “says Forbes.

Last year, during a nationwide protest of anti-racism, Google’s black employees Dissatisfied with the company’s response to the protest, As the insider reported earlier. And in 2019, a former employee said, “I didn’t stop feeling the burden of becoming black on Google.” In a memo This included three ways companies could improve their diversity and inclusion efforts.

according to Report from Gallup Announced in 2020, one in four black workers said they had faced discrimination at work in the past year.Since the pandemic, many color workers Expressed that he prefers to work from home Dealing with face-to-face microaggression in the office.

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