A black man had a phone shot 10 times by a white agent: 911 calls

Screenshot / NBC

Screenshot / NBC

Before a Virginia White Sheriff’s lieutenant shot a black man 10 times late Wednesday night, he told him to drop his gun. However, body camera footage and the recording of the man’s first phone call to 911 show that he didn’t have it. He had his cell phone in his hand and told the authorities.

Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s deputy dropped Izzy Brown, 32, home early Wednesday night after Brown’s car broke down miles away.

But after a while, Brown called 911 about a dispute with his brother who was apparently preventing him from returning to his car. He made a fierce debate that he demanded a gun from his brother, but informed the dispatcher that he had no weapons. His brother rejected his request.

Brown said, “I’m trying to kill my brother.”

The coordinator replied, “Don’t kill your brother.”

“OK,” Brown said.

“Why do you say that?” I asked the coordinator.

“Someone needs to come here really early,” Brown said.

The same lieutenant who dropped him home returned to the scene and found Brown standing on the road outside the house.

The· Recording of Brown’s 911 call I caught a conflict showing that Brown was walking down the road on his home phone at the time. “You have to hold your hand over,” the coordinator tells him to hear the siren in the background.

The lieutenant is then captured on a 911 phone and a body camera image screaming in Brown. Show me your hand now. Show your hand. Drop the gun. He has a gun in his head. Drop the gun now. Stop walking towards me. Stop walking towards me. Stop. Stop. “The lieutenant then shot Brown and kept yelling at him to raise his hand and” drop the gun. “

The· Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office And Virginia State Police Confirmed that Brown was not armed.

“Tragedy Day Here”: Deputy shoots a black man in North Carolina deadly while providing a search warrant

According to Sheriff Spotsylvania, police officers whose names have not been announced have been forced to take leave. The Virginia State Police Criminal Investigation Department is considering shooting.

Brown is currently in the intensive care unit, where he is being treated for 10 bullet wounds.

A lawyer in his family said in a statement: “It’s clear that Izzy Brown’s tragic shootings were completely avoided. Isaiah clearly told Dispatch that he had no weapons more than 90 seconds before his lieutenant arrived. He told Dispatch, He said he was walking away from his house and away from others and was alone on the road. Isaiah was calling 911 at the time of the shooting, and police officers mistaken the cordless house phone for a gun. . “

Brown’s brother, Tazmon, Told to NBC Washington He thought Brown called the policeman because he wanted to get back in the car so he wouldn’t be towed.

“The cop just started shooting him for no reason. I didn’t hear any warning shots. All I heard was” hands up! “. one time. And I know he raised his hand because he only had his phone, “Tazmon said.

Protesters gathered at the Spotsylvanian Sheriff’s Office on Friday and shouted, “There is no justice or peace!” NBC report.

Shooting and demonstrations come shortly after a tense week of American police.Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin He was convicted of murder on Wednesday for murdering a 46-year-old black man, George Floyd, in May 2020. Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes. Same day as the verdict, Columbus police officer She shot and killed a black 16-year-old Makia Bryant while she rushed into a woman with a knife.

24 hours after Chauvin’s verdict, 6 people were killed by police..

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