A blind elderly dog ​​found in Alaska three weeks after wandering


Sitka, Alaska (AP) — Alaska’s family gave up finding a blind golden retriever who left home three weeks ago, but construction workers first confused her with a bear, afterwards. I found Lulu in a bush of salmon berries.

Lulu was barely alive after being discovered on Tuesday, but she has returned to good health and is being cared for and is returning home with her family, Daily Sitka Sentinel reported..

“She means everything,” said owner Ted Kubaki. “I have five daughters and they are 4 to 13 years old, so they live a daily life with the dog.”

The Kubaki family searched for a few weeks after Lulu wandered on June 18.

“She’s so helpless, and you just imagined she couldn’t go far because she couldn’t see,” he said.

It didn’t help when someone claimed to have found Lulu a few days after the search when the family was the subject of a terrible joke.

“We put the kids to sleep and received the text” I found your dog “or” I have your dog “. “Then he sent me a text message,” I’m kidding. ” This happened, yeah, it was all part of this terrible story. “

After looking for a few weeks, the family gave up hope.

But this week, construction workers found Lulu lying on a brush next to a road not far from Kubaki’s house. She was about 15 feet (4.57 meters) down the embankment, and the crew initially thought it was a bear.

“When they looked closely, they realized it was a dog and kicked her out of it,” Kubaki said.

All the sadness melted when I received the call that Lulu was found.

“I called my wife from work, and it was just screaming … she just started screaming, and she screamed at the kids, and they were screaming like crazy I can hear you, “said Kubaki.

Although alive, Lulu was ill. A dog weighing 80 pounds (36.29 kilograms) has lost 23 pounds (10.43 kilograms) since he got lost. She was dehydrated and dirty, and her fur was frosted.

“I was hoping to come back and be like,’Hey, this is my dog.’ She’s going to jump up and shake her tail and kiss my face, and she couldn’t even pick up her head, “he said. “She was passing through her squeezer.”

Lulu’s condition was significantly improved by medical care, diet and rest.

“Slowly but surely she started eating, and she was able to lift her head,” Kubaki said. “But yesterday she snuggled up to me, kissed me and shook her tail, she supported her forefoot on her own. It was great.”

The next day she was able to become independent.

Kubaki, a grocery store employee and the only provider of a family of seven, was worried about the veterinary bill.

Those fears were unfounded, as Sitka residents donated hundreds of dollars to cover Lulu’s recovery bill.

“We have a family home,” Kubaki said.