A British university stands by a professor during a campaign to dismiss her about gender

A British university called her “one of the most prominent transphobias on this miserable island” and defended one of the professors after demanding dismissal.

The University of Sussex said Thursday that efforts to dismiss professor Kathleen Stock were uncertain and the university would not tolerate the threat to academic freedom.

Known for her book, Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism, Stock has been at odds with some transgender activists since 2018. Transgender women are “in a completely unrestricted way” because many transgender women are “still men with male genitals” and “sexually attracted to women”. You shouldn’t be in a place like a room.

A self-proclaimed “anonymous, unrelated group of queer, trance, and non-binary students,” who named their group “Anti-TERF Sussex,” recently opened an Instagram page and demanded that Stock be dismissed from the university. TERF is an acronym for “Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist”.

In a leaflet titled “Anti-Stock Action 2021”, the group accused Stock of being “harmful and dangerous to transgender people” and “bigot.”

It demanded a college fire inventory. “Until then, you’ll look around us,” the leaflet reads.

A photo posted by the group on Wednesday shows a banner that says “out of stock” in a blue flare over the university’s foundry logo on the Brighton campus.

Another photo posted on Thursday was a poster on the wall of the tunnel from Falmer Station to the campus, stating that “Kathleen Stock is not safe for transgender students” and “Fire Kathleen Stock.” increase.

The university posted a statement by Vice President Adam Tickell: twitterSaid the university is investigating the campaign.

“We are investigating campus activities that appear to have been designed to attack Professor Kathleen Stock to exercise academic freedom,” the statement said.

“Curiously, this involves putting pressure on the university to end her employment. Everyone at the university has the right to be free from harassment and intimidation,” he adds. I did.

“We cannot tolerate or tolerate the threat to important academic freedom, and we will take the necessary steps to protect the rights of the community.”

With the string twitter In a post on Friday, Stock expressed her “indomitable gratitude” to those who helped and encouraged in the past few days, and after the retiring Deputy Prime Minister appeared on BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program, her academics. Thanks to Tickel for defending freedom.

“University is not the place where students should expect to hear their thoughts reflected in them,” she writes. The debate should be filled with evidence from the debate and evidence, not threats or attacks. “

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