A brutal beating killed two people and nearly killed a third, according to Sheriff Pork County.

Sheriff Grady Judd said Saturday that three people were brutally beaten and two died in Pork County. The third victim is also not expected to survive.

According to Jud, the sheriff’s agent arrested Sean Lunyon, 39, for a two-hour post-Manhunt murder.

At a press conference in Davenport, a community near Haynes City, Judd outlined a series of events.

Runyon is a Pennsylvania electric company, J & B Electric, Inc., who worked at the Publix supermarket in Davenport. Was working at. He and his colleagues lived in the Davenport area and were paid by the company.

At around 2 am on Friday, Lunyan got angry with his boss and hit him, Judd said. After that, he ran away from work and wasn’t seen for a while.

At 9:44 am on Saturday, the Pork County Sheriff’s Office received a call about the murder.

According to Judd, Lunyon was in Davenport’s residence, where his boss and other colleagues lived. Judd said seven were at home when Runyan broke in with a baseball bat and knife.

According to Judd, Lunyan beat and killed a victim while he was asleep. He said Runyan was taken to a local hospital but violently beat another victim who was not expected to survive.

A sheriff’s agent found a third victim dead at the front door of the house. The fourth victim was hit on the shoulder and back with a baseball bat. Another man ran away with his wife and a 7-year-old girl.

Runyon knew each victim, the sheriff said.

Congressmen followed what they described as a trail of blood left by Runyon until the trail died.

Shortly before noon on Saturday, Lunya appeared in a bloody Welsh lake dwelling, claiming to have been raped, Judd said. According to the sheriff, the house he chose looked random and he didn’t understand why Lunyon fled to Lake Wales.

Insiders told Runyan to go to the hospital. Congressman hurried to Lake Wales Hospital and detained him unharmed.

Sheriffs said the motives for the violent crimes in Luniyan remain unclear. The Department of Sheriffs of Pork County did not disclose the names and ages of the victims.

It is unknown where Runyan came from. The sheriff said he had a criminal record in Pennsylvania. Sheriffs said his last arrest was a violent crime, including strangulation.

The sheriff’s office then strangled Runyon’s previous criminal record, including child danger, terrorist threat, reckless danger, assault, various thefts, accusations, and out-of-state accusations of drunk driving. Announced.