A bullet falls on the head of a man eating dinner at a country club in North Carolina, police say

A man eating dinner on a country club patio in North Carolina suddenly grabbed the top of his head, law enforcement said.

He thought he was bitten by a bug, but it was a bullet.

In a news release, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office called a deputy to the Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro before 7 pm on Tuesday after being hit by a bullet shot by a 57-year-old boy. Person Lori Pogue told McClutch News that the bullet “grabbed the outermost layer of the scalp” and caused bleeding.

The man whose name was not disclosed chose not to be taken to the hospital. Poag said instead the first responder in the field patched him.

According to the sheriff’s office, “A preliminary investigation by the sheriff’s office determined that the victims were not targeted, and the shooting seems to have been accidental.

The incident occurred on a patio in Sedgefield at 6:53 pm, where the man reportedly was eating. The private club hosts the PGA Tour. Wyndham Championship Owned by McConnell Golf According to its website, in Raleigh.

At first he didn’t know what hit him until he arrived and found a bullet on the ground, Pogue told McClutch News. She was an investigator. Said he believed the bullet fired from a gun that could have fired a mile away.

“No one who was eating on the patio with him remember hearing the sound of a gun being shot,” she said.

According to Poag, lawmakers also looked into the neighborhood, but no one was shooting guns outside and they couldn’t hear anything.

For information, please call the Sheriff’s District 3 Office (336-641-6691).

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