A California attorney was accused of living a “luxury life” on $10 million in company funds.

orange county, californiaA lawyer working for a British Isles financial firm allegedly blew $10 million in the company’s funds when he gambling and partying in Las Vegas, according to reports.

Fox Station KVVU In Las Vegas, Nevada, a petition filed in the Southern District of California’s Central District states that Sarah Jacqueline King will stay at Wynn on the Las Vegas Strip and use the funds while living a “luxury life.” It is said that it did

Sarah Jacqueline King

Sarah Jacqueline King has been accused of defrauding the lending company she worked for out of more than $10 million.

petition filed On February 11, defendant alleges that he was gambling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while living in Wynn.

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LDR International Limited, based in the British Virgin Islands, said the grounds for the lawsuit were: fraud, civil theft Breach of written contract.

The lending company claims to have made a series of loans to King Lending between January and October 2022, with the funds to be provided to third-party borrowers.

Win Hotel

General view of the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 27, 2021.


Loans, litigation notes were secured by precious metal coins, luxury cars, jewelry, yachts, guaranteed income from professional sports contracts, etc.

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By April 2022, King’s financial lender license has expired, according to KVVU.

LDR made 97 loans to King Lending for a total of $10,258,500. Documents show that the loan was falsified using a third-party borrower’s pseudonym.

“Plaintiff was informed and believes that King had moved to the Wynn Las Vegas resort and hotel, lived there for six months, and gambled 24/7.

Plaintiff goes on to say that King provided evidence that she only had $11.98 to her name, but as of February 9, 2023, she still sent false contracts to plaintiffs and their agents. are doing.


“King claims she has used up all her funds and has no money left in her name,” the petition continued. I have.”

King has been given a maximum of 20 days to respond to the petition.