A Californian man accused of using a stun gun was arrested by a police officer who had a heart attack during a parliamentary riot

Signs of Parliament Riot Trump

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people attempt to attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6 Brent Stirton / Getty Images

  • A man accused of using a stun gun by police officers during an attack on the Capitol was arrested.

  • Police officers had a mild heart attack during the attack.

  • Known as Trump’s super fan, Daniel Rodriguez faces eight accusations related to his participation in the riots.

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A 38-year-old Trump superfan, who was identified by a camera as a suspected police officer attacked during a parliamentary riot on January 6, was arrested on Wednesday.

Daniel Jose Frodriguez, a California man accused of being part of a mob swarming DC Metropolitan police officer Mike Fanone during a riot, was arrested in Fontana, California and charged with eight charges. According to court documents.

Fanone had a mild heart attack during the attack, He said he pleaded for his life When a riot crowd began chanting, “Kill him with your own gun!” The four fathers told the media that they were shocked by a stun gun during the siege and spent a day and a half recovering at the hospital.

Ministry of Justice prosecution “We used deadly and dangerous weapons, especially electric shock weapons, to injure the midfielder,” Rodriguez reported last week.

To Video acquired by online detective group DeepState Dogs, I see a man, believed to be Rodriguez, piercing Fanone’s neck with a small black device. This causes the policeman to fall to the ground. As the video continues, the suspect can be identified by a baseball cap and glasses and attempts to defeat the Capitol.

HuffPost Survey Published last month included an interview with witnesses who reported Rodriguez’s identity and stated that he had encountered Rodriguez at a Trump rally in Beverly Hills before the riots. Outlet reported that Rodriguez was a well-known Trump fanatic known to supporters throughout the Los Angeles region.

According to the HuffPost, The FBI received a hint about Rodriguez in January. This includes a hint from a man who said Rodriguez attacked him in a video at a previous rally. However, the outlet said the former man had heard from the agency’s agent about Rodriguez until HuffPost contacted the agency in late February with a question about Rodriguez.

Earlier this month, a man in New York Arrested in connection with the attack on Fanone.. Thomas Civic was arrested on charges of obstructing law enforcement during civil turmoil, seizing valuables through force and intimidation, and assaulting or obstructing police officers.

Civic was identified as a suspect in Fanone’s attack, thanks to a video captured by a body camera worn by police officers, According to court documents. According to the criminal accusation, Civic “pulled out an object that matches the MPD badge and police radio. According to legal documents, Civic admitted that he had picked up the police badge and radio and asked the mob to help the police. Claims to have reached out.

Civic initially admitted to burying Fanone’s police badge in his backyard after denying participation in the riots.

Rodriguez interferes with official proceedings, civil turmoil, assault, obstruction, or resistance to certain officers, theft of government property, destruction of government property, restrictions with deadly or dangerous weapons Faced with eight crimes, including entry and exit of a restricted building or premises Deadly or dangerous weapons destructive activity within a restricted building or premises, and fatal activity within a restricted building or premises Or obstructing entry and exit with dangerous weapons.

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