A Californian man was accused of murdering his wife and was convicted of supporting himself at Christmas

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Matt Gaetz was a major opponent of the non-consensual “revenge porn” law, Republicans say

In 2014, when Rep. Matt Gaetz (Republican) was a member of the Florida state legislature, he killed a bill banning non-consensual pornography within the state, or “revenge pornography.” The bill was unanimously passed by the State Senate and died when the House Commission, chaired by Gates, along with co-sponsors of 17 Houses, did not hold a hearing. Orlando Sentinel reports that only Gates and one of his roommates, John Tobia State Legislature (R), voted against when a version of the same Senate bill that was watered down in the House of Representatives was passed in 2015. There is. Former state legislator Tom Goodson, R, a main house sponsor of non-consensual pornography bans, told Sentinel on Monday that Gates was the main opponent of the bill and was intimate with a romantic partner without their consent. He said sharing images is illegal. When Goodson met Gates to discuss his dissent, he told Sentinel, “Matt absolutely disagreed. He thought the photo had something to do with what he wanted …. he did whatever he wanted. I thought he should use it the way he wanted, and as an expression of his rights. “Gates, whose father was the Florida Senate Chairman from 2012 to 2014,” is a prominent figure in the Florida Parliament. “He was a strong opponent of legislation he didn’t like,” Sentinel reports. After reports that the Justice Department is investigating Getz, who is allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old girl and paying for sex with other women, several members of Congress have been in the Washington Post and CNN. Nude photos and videos of a woman who said he slept with him, who said Getz took out his phone and showed it to him. If Gates did that, it would be a “sarcastic twist,” Katie Hill, former Congressman (D-Calif.), Wrote at the Vanity Fair on Monday. I may have made a mistake, but of a member of parliament who openly and non-apologies to defend me, saying I was the victim of this situation. “Even if you’re bragging about your sexual conquest, as Matt has been accused, it should be illegal to share someone’s intimate images or videos without their consent,” Hill said. Is writing. “I’ve been advocating for the past few months to include a bill called the SHIELD Act as part of a law to re-approve violence against women passing through the House of Representatives to the Senate,” Gates said. I threw it in. ” More Stories from theweek.com Georgia’s Vice-Governor of the Republican Party says Rudy Giuliani’s false voting allegations caused voting restrictions Matt Gaetz’s allegations corrupt how QAnon corrupts followers Shows