A Canadian private island with a four-bedroom home sells for less than the average home in America.


Duval Island

This private island in Canada is on sale for just $380,000.Private Islands Inc.

  • Duval Island, a private island in Ontario, Canada, is on the market for $380,000.

  • It consists of 5.40 acres of land and features a four-bedroom home and a guest cottage.

  • The bedrooms and wraparound decks offer stunning views of the lake.

For just $380,000, this entire Canadian island could be yours.

Duval Island

Duval Island is located in Ontario, Canada.Private Islands Inc.

Ontario’s private island, Duval Island, is now on the market.

Properties listed by Private Islands Inc.in the town of Echo Bay.

Duval Island has 5.40 acres of land.

Duval Island

The private island is on the market for $380,000.Private Islands Inc.

“Peace will wash over you as you step onto idyllic Duval Island,” the listing reads. “With unobstructed multi-million dollar views, west-facing sunsets, and magical paths through majestic white pines, this summer home is sure to be your dream getaway.”

We have a 4 bedroom house on a private island.

Duval Island

Duval Island has 5.40 acres of land.Private Islands Inc.

And the main cottage is move-in ready.

The house has a bright blue kitchen.

Duval Island Kitchen

The Duval Island home has this bright kitchen.Private Islands Inc.

Kitchens include refrigerators, freezers, stoves, microwaves, and propane appliances.

and a cozy living room.

Living Room on Duval Island

The living room has a new wood burning stove.Private Islands Inc.

There is a new wood burning stove to keep you warm in the winter.

The bathroom has a large window with a beautiful view.

Duval Island bathroom

There is one bath in the house.Private Islands Inc.

The listing says the house has hot and cold water, as well as solar and generator backup power.

Some bedrooms are painted in bright, bold colors…

Bedroom on Duval Island

One of the bedrooms in Duval Island’s house.Private Islands Inc.

The listing says you can hear the lake waves from the master bedroom.

… others have a more moderate aesthetic.

Bedroom on Duval Island

The bedroom has windows overlooking the lake.Private Islands Inc.

No matter which room you choose, you’ll have stunning lake views.

There is a stunning screen door gazebo.

Patios on Duval Island

The gazebo is a screen door and can be used for storage in the winter.Private Islands Inc.

The gazebo features a steel roof and plywood covers for the windows and can be used for storage in the winter.

According to the listing, the gazebo has “breathtaking views of ships passing St. Joseph, Nievish and the Sugar Islands.”

There is also a deck that wraps around three sides of the house.

Duval Island Deck

The wraparound deck also overlooks the lake.Private Islands Inc.

The listing says the deck is low maintenance — “No need to get dirty, just a power wash!”

All patio furniture comes with the home.

Duval Island Deck

Patio furniture is included in the home.Private Islands Inc.

The deck already has two canopied picnic tables and comfortable chairs.

Some guest cabins are surrounded by trees.

Duval Island

Guest cabins on Duval Island.Private Islands Inc.

The guest cabin has a sandy beach swimming area and an additional bedroom. In addition, windows, furniture, doors and flooring are all brand new.

A promenade is maintained on the island…

Duval Island

Duval Island is located in the town of Echo Bay.Private Islands Inc.

Various benches are placed in strategic locations for water viewing and sunset viewing.

…and lots of rock flower gardens.

House on Duval Island

There is a promenade throughout the hotel.Private Islands Inc.

There are perennials, lilacs, raspberries, blueberries and chives.

The floating dock has a waterfront patio.

Duval Island

Rowboats, motor boats and ocean kayaks are also included in the home.Private Islands Inc.

Duval Island comes with 2 rowboats, a motor boat, a paddle boat and a 2 person ocean kayak.

Duval Island is a short boat ride from Richards Landing Marina on St. Joseph Island.

Duval Island

Duval Island is easily accessible.Private Islands Inc.

Your private island is just minutes from the marina.

Alternatively, you can buy developed mainland lots.

Duval Island and Main Lot

Mainland parcels (pictured) are also available for purchase.Private Islands Inc.

The combined Duval Island and mainland parcels cost $581,000.

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