A Canadian woman accused of mailing poison to Trump pleads not guilty on new charges

Washington — A Quebec woman accused of mailing poison to former US President Donald Trump last year pleaded not guilty to an additional accusation in a court in Washington, DC today.

Pascal Ferrier, who was previously charged with threatening to kill the US president, is now charged with mail threatening and violating the ban on biological weapons.

All three accusations came from a letter containing poisonous ricin, which the U.S. federal prosecutor claimed to have sent to then-President Trump of the White House, stating that the writer would use a gun if the poison did not work. It was.

Ferrier’s public defender, David Boss, urges Judge David L. Friedrich of the U.S. District Court to recommend that Ferrier, who is currently in a Virginia district prison, be transferred to another facility. It was.

Eugene Ohm, also a public defender on behalf of Ferrier, said the video conferencing system used in prisons made it difficult to share evidence with Ferrier and was too far to visit her easily. I will.

Ferrier was arrested on the border with the United States on September 20, and U.S. officials said she had a semi-automatic pistol and nearly 300 rounds of ammunition in her vehicle.