A cancer patient asked her nurse to adopt her little son when she died

Tumor nurse Tricia Seaman has been praised by many for many years, but no patient has given her a greater compliment than Tricia Somers.

“Before she said something, I just felt comforted. It was like someone wearing a warm blanket on me.” Summers told CBS News eight years ago.. “I have never felt such a thing or a connection with someone else.”

Summers vowed that she had met an angel.

When she met Seaman, her eight-year-old son Wesley and her single mother, Summers, learned that her cancer was terminal and she was in a hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

“What do you say to someone?” Seaman then said about the diagnosis of her patient. “She is 45 years old, so I hugged her, and she said,” I have something I need to ask you. ” “

One asked, “Can you take my son? Will you raise my son if I die?”

The two women were strangers. Nevertheless, Seaman, her husband and her family agreed.

Summers died soon. And eight years have passed.

Wesley is just 16 years old and now has an instruction permit. Before his mom died, she bought a gift for him to open as he grew older. These days, the keychain when he picked up his first car. In such a small way, nurses and patients are still raising boys together.

“I really think she could only think of it, and I’m grateful every day for her making that decision,” Wesley said of her mother.

And women’s teamwork seems to be paying off. Seaman says Wesley is a straight student and model kid.

“He is extraordinary, but most importantly, he has a very kind and affectionate heart,” Seaman said.

Why couldn’t he really? He was impressed by the angels.

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