A car accident killed one person near Penn Valley Park.According to Kansas City Police

Two vehicles collided near Kansas City on Thursday evening, killing one and injuring another. Penn Valley Park, by Kansas City Police.

Around 5:30 pm on Thursday, a white Saturn aura was moving northward at high speed on Broadwave Boulevard when the driver hit a curb. According to police, the driver rode a curb around a corner of the road, eventually losing control of the sedan and crossing into the opposite lane.

According to police, the sedan was attacked by a south-facing red Fiat in a T-bone collision. The sedan driver was taken to a local hospital but died shortly after arrival, police said. The name of the driver is not disclosed.

According to police, drivers of other vehicles have been treated for life-threatening injuries.

According to the agency, this is the 17th fatal accident in the city so far this year.