A Charlotte guy won the $ 1 million lottery jackpot, but got goosebumps and needed some time.

An NC lottery official said Thursday that a Charlotte man canceled his $ 1 million lottery win while sitting in his car and had goosebumps that prevented him from driving for 15 minutes.

According to a lottery news release, Shane Hipio found a prize while parked outside of Matthews’ Monroe Road Quick Trip, where he bought $ 10.50 times a cash ticket.

He beat the odds 1 in 3.44 million, According to the lottery website.

When claiming the prize at Raleigh’s lottery headquarters on Wednesday, he told officials, “When I reached the third number 23 and saw that” 1 “, I said” no way. ” It was.

“Then I saw that’MIL’, and I had to take myself about five minutes,” he said.

At that time, he got Goose Bumps.

According to the release, “Hypio received $ 1 million as a 20-time pension of $ 50,000 a year or chose to pay $ 600,000 in one lump sum.” He chose a lump sum and deducted $ 424,503 after tax, officials said.

According to the lottery, two of the top $ 1 million prizes remain in the game and debuted in February with six top prizes.

“Reality is starting now,” Hypio told lottery officials. “I feel very fortunate.”