A Chicago man used a “big machete” to kill a colleague, prosecutors say

Chicago — A 21-year-old Chicago man allegedly used a “big machete” to kill a colleague at a car body shop before packing his body in a Cadillac trunk on the northwestern side of the city.

Cook County Judge Susana L. Ortiz released bail without bail during a court hearing livestreamed on YouTube after 42-year-old Felipe Villalobos-Calderon’s “very violent and very vicious” random attack. Commanded Martin O. Molina.

Molina was charged with murder on Thursday for the death of Villalobos Calderon, who lives in Portage Park, police said.

No motive was revealed, and Kevin Devoni, a lawyer in Cook County Assistant State, said the two looked at each other “every day” and appeared to be “friending” before the attack on Wednesday.

Villa Lobos-Calderon was alone in the store that morning working on his car, the Toyota RAV4 SUV, which was on the lift when Molina walked around 10:30 am.

Villalobos-Calderon unplugged the store’s camcorder to allow the outlet to be used for other purposes, but the store was equipped with audio surveillance.

After a while, you will hear Villalobos-Calderon speaking in Spanish as follows: Stop and wait. chill out. I will go. … I will go. … Dad, hey, I’m here, “said Deboni.

According to Deboni, when Molina was allegedly cut off her face and neck with a large machete, his voice “stopped suddenly” and “some throbbing sounds.”

At some point before 11:00 am, a person came to the store to check his truck and saw Molina covered in fresh-looking blood. When witnesses jokingly asked if he had killed someone, Molina claimed he was in battle, Devoni said.

After seeing blood bleeding on the floor, witnesses hurriedly called Molina’s father, telling him to go to the store because of some quarrel, and then calling 911.

Molina then told another witness who saw blood under the victim’s RAV4 that he had hurt himself and refused treatment.

According to Devoni, the witness saw some misalignment within the garage, including stripped metal grate and blood cover, and obvious drag marks. He also saw Molina put a cardboard box in his trunk.

Molina also seems to have tried cleaning with a power washer.

At some point before the police arrived, Molina asked Molina where Villalobos Calderon was, and Molina thumbs back and moved her head slightly toward Cadillac’s torso, according to Devoni.

When police officers opened the Cadillac trunk, they found the body of Villalobos-Calderon, Devoni said.

Molina was arrested at 11:03 am when a “big machete” and another knife were found near the alley.

According to the Cook County Autopsy Department, an autopsy on Thursday killed Villalovos Calderon from multiple sharp force injuries, and his death was determined to be murder.

Molina’s lawyer never admitted that Molina had “murdered” Villalobos Calderon, who had only two convictions for cannabis in his background, and he was involved in the fight with at least one witness. He pointed out that he said.

In addition, Molina suffers from mental health problems, including “breakdowns” that can be caused by the fight, the lawyer added.

According to lawyers, Molina, a childless US citizen, lived in the Illinois and Chicago regions for most of her life and had no indication that she was at risk of flying.

Before refusing bail, Judge Ortiz called Molina a “clear and present danger” to the community and said she was unable to provide monetary bail.

Molina will return to court on May 6th.


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