A child of four who died in a shooting in a California office building

Los Angeles (AP) —A shooting in an office building in Southern California killed four children on Wednesday, killing a fifth and seriously injuring the shooter, police said.

The violence in Orange, southeastern Los Angeles, was the third mass shooting in the country in just over two weeks.

Lieutenant Jennifer Amat of the Orange Police said the police had been fired when they arrived at the two-story building around 5:30 pm. Police fired and the suspect was taken to the hospital, Amat said.

It is unknown whether the suspect committed self-harm or was shot by the police. Police did not provide details about the victims, other than saying that one was a child and the woman was seriously injured.

In a tweet, Governor Gavin Newsom called the killing “terrifying and tragic.”

“Our heart is with the family affected by this horrific tragedy tonight,” he writes.

US Congressman Katie Porter, a Democrat in California in the area including Orange, said on Twitter that she was “deeply sad.”

Amat had no information about what caused the attack. She said the shooting happened at both levels of the building. The outside sign showed that there were a few businesses out there, such as insurance offices, financial consulting firms, legal services businesses, and telephone repair shops.

After shooting, people gathered outside the building to find out about their loved ones.

Paul Tober Told KTLA-TV That his brother owns a business there, Unified Homes, a mobile home broker. “He isn’t answering his phone, neither is my niece,” Tober said. “I’m pretty scared and worried … now I’m praying really hard.”

Charlie Espinoza was also outside the building Told the Orange County Register I couldn’t reach my fiancée who works for a medical billing company.

Cody Lev, who lives across from the office building, told the newspaper that he heard three loud pops at intervals and three more. There was silence, then he heard many shots, then sirens, and many more.

A Facebook live stream posted by a resident living near the office seemed to show an officer carrying an immobile person from the building and an officer providing assistance to others.

Last week, a mass shooting in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado killed 10 people. A week earlier, there were six Asian women out of eight killed at three spas in the Atlanta area.

The city of Orange is about 30 miles (48 km) from Los Angeles and is home to about 140,000 people. The shootings have been the worst in the city since December 1997, when gunmen armed with assault rifles attacked the California Department of Transportation maintenance yard, Amat said.

Equipment operator Arturo Reyes Torres, 41, who was fired six weeks ago, killed four people and injured others, including police officers, before police killed him.