A Chinese woman stuck in a 14-day quarantine was helplessly watching with surveillance cameras while the dog was destroying the living room and wardrobe.

Screenshots of the surveillance footage show a dog dumping a Chinese owner's house in the trash.

Weibo screenshot showing the destruction left by Liu’s dog.Screenshot / Weibo / HouLang News

  • Chinese dog owners were forced to watch as her dog destroyed her home while she was stuck in the quarantine.

  • A woman named Liu was watching from a surveillance camera her wardrobe and furniture being dumped in the trash by a dog.

  • Her story prompted a debate in China about how pets should be treated in a pandemic.

During the COVID-19 outbreak in Xi’An, China, a woman who needed to be quarantined for 14 days was turned over by a dog and could not do anything while monitoring the living room with a surveillance camera.

Owner identified as Liu by Chinese media HouLang NewsShe said she wasn’t allowed to quarantine with her pet, so she had enough food for her dog, set up surveillance cameras, and left her at home.

After she left, Liu’s dog sat at the front door waiting for her to return. On the second day, the dog got excited and began to tear the couch, the dog owner said. Video released by HouLangNews It has recorded 12 million views on China’s social media platform Weibo.

“I was destroying my house every day. I was destroying new items every day. Almost everything in my house is now broken,” she said.

In the footage on Monday afternoon, Liu’s dog pierces the sofa, slips through the wardrobe, and has an assortment of household items scattered on the floor against the backdrop of broken furniture.

“It destroyed all of my bags, my shoes, and my clothes,” Liu said, adding that she had the rest of the week of quarantine and had already begun to buy new furniture online.

Her story tells some Weibo users put forward In the discussion reached, pets are allowed to go to quarantine with their owners 310 million views, According to the platform.others Asked Whether pet volunteer programs and government agencies can intervene to care for animals left behind by their owners in quarantine.

Last month, 13 million cities in Xi’An Experienced one of the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in China Since the first epidemic in Wuhan β€” the catastrophe of Beijing’s COVID-zero project to eliminate the virus. In early January, after a two-week blockade, officials said the situation in Xi’An’s coronavirus was “under control.” AFP reportedHowever, many are quarantined or blocked.

Despite the damage to her house, Liu considers himself lucky. “At least my dog ​​is still healthy. I haven’t eaten anything so bad. I’ll be able to get home in seven days and things will get better,” she said. “The house may have been dumped in the trash, but we can clean it, and it will be okay.”

Chinese authorities have repeatedly struggled with what to do with pets while residents are quarantining. In Shangrao City, Jinan Prefecture City officials apologized After a city official broke into a citizen’s house last November and beat a dog to death while the owner was quarantined at a hotel. Some reports It was also revealed in 2021 that cats were killed in various cities in China when their owners were sent to quarantine.

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