A clerk mistakenly accuses a black man of stealing a phone until a woman rings in her wallet


Viral videos, now accusing black men of stealing their cell phones just by putting them in their wallets, have offended critics online.

The video posted to TikTok by user @fuxktdub on Monday, December 6th has since received over 2.1 million views with headline captions. r @sism is alive and well. “

The quarrel seems to have happened at Spencer’s store in an unknown location, and the video begins with an unidentified woman wandering around in her purse.

I was able to hear another woman in the background asking the clerk if she could help by calling the accusing woman’s cell phone.

The woman caught a video accusing a black man of stealing a cell phone while in his wallet.  (Photo: Screenshot @ fuxktdub / TikTok)

The woman caught a video accusing a black man of stealing a cell phone while in his wallet. (Photo: Screenshot @ fuxktdub / TikTok)

“9-1-6”, she started before claiming that a black man was able to turn off Ringer. The previous woman ironically inserted it as if she wanted her to be naked to make sure she didn’t have a cell phone. The woman kept rippling in her purse as the clerk tried to calm everyone down.

Still, the accused woman continued to say that the man had her phone, even though she emptied her pocket and showed Ark. “I just pasted it here, you walked right behind me, and you took it,” the shopper said.

Another woman, apparently accompanied by a man, tried to make a phone call with the clerk. During the exchange, the whistleblower had to remember that he had to give his phone number to find his cell phone.

Eventually it was called and the woman immediately apologized and quoted the confusion about misplaced the device. However, the two did not accept her apology and began to leave, not before she broke up with “f-ck” on the woman’s claim that she was sorry.

Social media users were guessing what happened between women and couples. Many believed that she knew she had found her phone long before she publicly acknowledged it.

“Does she have an Apple Watch?” Asked one user. “She could literally ping her cell phone from her watch?!? People are wild.” “She sees it in her bag and knows you’re recording. So she didn’t want to call her phone … smh, “the second person insisted.

“The way she was stalling Trina came up with a backup plan after she felt it in her purse,” a third party said.

“She found it in the bag, so her face was so red,” a fourth person added. “And see how she keeps lying even after she finds it.”

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