A college student who turned his father into the FBI after fearing the parliamentary riots would become more radical in prison

Guy Refit drawn in the siege of the Houses of Parliament.

Gailefit taken in the riots of the Houses of Parliament on January 6, 2021.FBI / Fox News Video

  • Guy Refit is awaiting a prison trial after his son turned him into the FBI after a parliamentary riot.

  • His 19-year-old son, Jackson, said Secondary news He is afraid that his dad is becoming more radical in prison.

  • The parliamentary riots and Guy Refit’s arrest tore the family, Vice News reported.

A college student who turned his father into an FBI after a parliamentary riot Told David Gilbert of Vice News He is afraid that his dad will become more radical in prison.

Guy Refit, a Texas man and member of the far-right Sleeper Centers Group, was arrested at home on January 19, 2021 after his son Jackson. Turned the FBI over.

According to court documents Elder Refit was charged with five counts, including possession of a semi-automatic firearm on the grounds of the Capitol. He has pleaded not guilty and is currently awaiting trial with dozens of other acquitted defendants at a central detention facility in Washington, DC.

People in the prison face the most serious accusations associated with riots. As the insider reported earlier, They have organized group activities for the past few months, united by singing national anthems and writing newsletters every night.

Some militant experts have warned that these activities could make some defendants more radical than before. Vice news previously reported..

In a letter from the prison Published by ProPublica Last May, Refit said he had united with other defendants and did not repent of what happened on January 6, 2021.

Jackson told Vice News about the letter:

“Honestly, I felt sick about my decision just because I felt like I was pushing him in a more extreme direction. I made him more enthusiastic about what he did. I did. “

In another interview with ABC NewsJackson said he changed his father to the FBI in December after becoming more and more concerned about his father’s seemingly radical rhetoric.

“If something really happens, I don’t want to put it on my shoulder that this is the only time he’s actually seeing what he’s doing,” Jackson told ABC News.

Upon returning from Washington, DC, Refit began threatening the children and told Jackson that he would “do what he had to do” when reported to law enforcement agencies. The affidavit said.. He was arrested a few days later.

Since then, the 19-year-old has dropped out with his two sisters and mother and left his parents’ home, Vice News reported.

“I’m also guilty of tearing this family apart. That’s terrible, but I can’t do much about it,” he told ABC News.

In a telephone interview from prison, Refit told ABC News that he hopes to establish a relationship with his son someday.

“It’s my son. I love my son. I always love my son,” Refit told ABC News.

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