A Colorado woman who shot an alleged intruder faces alleged attempted murder, police say


NS Colorado Women are facing Attempted murder Authorities were charged last weekend after saying they had shot a alleged home intruder.

According to police, Aurora’s Emily Strunk, 25, called 911 on Saturday. Shoot a male intruder FOX31 Denver reportedly broke into her apartment.

Police said initial investigations suggested that an intruder previously associated with Strunk broke into the apartment and attacked another man identified as 27-year-old Kevin Weltin.

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Strunk was detained and released until further investigation, according to Aurora police.

However, the ministry said Tuesday that both Strunk and Wertin were arrested after new information, which had not yet been disclosed, was developed in the investigation.

Both suspects face one accusation of one attempted murder, FOX31. report..

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The shot man remained in crisis on Tuesday, police said. His identity was not immediately revealed.

The case was under investigation. For more information, please contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers (720-913-7867).

Aurora is about 10 miles east of downtown Denver.