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Paul Flores accused of murdering Christine Smart 25 years later: Sheriff

Approximately 25 years after The Daily Beast / Public Domain Karpol freshman Christine Smart disappeared after the Flats party, a Californian man named as the main suspect in her disappearance was arrested and charged with murder. It was. The party was the last person to see her alive in 1996, detained in San Pedro, California on Tuesday, and booked in San Luis Obispo County Prison. Flores’ 80-year-old father, Ruben Flores, was also arrested and subsequently charged with accessories. San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson announced charges against Flores and his father at a press conference on Tuesday, and authorities issued another investigation order at Arroyo Grande’s house in Ruben on Tuesday. .. Parkinson refused to reveal details of the new information that led to his arrest on Tuesday, but said authorities had obtained new evidence after monitoring Flores’ phone and text messages. The arrest took place just a month after the sheriff’s office identified Flores as the “main suspect” in the Smart case, which has received national attention for decades. .. Parkinson’s disease has confirmed that authorities have not yet recovered Smart’s body, but the search continues. He added that he had spoken to a “slightly reassured” smart family. “We will find Christine,” Sheriff added, through the investigation, that authorities carried out 41 investigation warrants in 16 locations and compiled 500 police reports. He said he found physical evidence linking Flores with the disappearance of at least two homes. Flores, 44, was denied bail, but his father was able to get out of jail with a $ 250,000 deposit. Both are scheduled to appear in court on Thursday. Is Christine buried in this backyard? A smart family of four women who say “yes” to a neighbor and a mysterious dog say a college student is a man suspected of being sexually assaulted has identified his college student Flores as Christine’s murderer. I always believed. Smarts has filed an illegal death proceeding against Flores for “predating” and “killing” Christine, who was “drunk” when she found Flores. However, civil proceedings remained stagnant as criminal investigations continued. .Smart is a 19-year-old freshman at California Polytechnic State University’s San Luis Obispo campus and disappeared on Memorial Day’s weekend in 1996. The student attended an off-campus flats party and later found out that he was drunk on his neighbor’s lawn at 2 o’clock. According to a private survey of FBI agents and a 2000 report, it was 30 am. Several students set foot to awaken Christine, but it was Flores who walked her house, and Flores was the last to see her alive. As the Daily Beast reported, Flores, who also attended Karpol, later told police that Christine was “walking really slowly,” hugging her hips, keeping her warm on a chilly walk, and returning to Muir Hall’s dorm. It was. Flores told authorities that he had returned to his room after dropping Santa Lucia Hall, but a month later a corpse dog took police to the mattress on the left side of Flores’ dormitory room. Even after the mattress was collected as evidence and removed from the building, the dog issued a warning again in the same area. Flores’ roommate Derrick Tse told police that he had admitted that Flores had killed Christine. “Yes, I killed her and took her to my mother, and she is still there,” Flores said in a Tse statement to the police. Flores cut his knees and black eyes when the prosecutor interviewed him. He claimed to have shined during a basketball game the day after Christine disappeared, but his friend told authorities that he had already been injured when he appeared in play. In another interview, Flores admitted that he lied about his black eyes, saying he actually hit his eyes on the steering wheel of the truck during the repair. Flores gave his name and birthday while taking testimony in a smart family proceeding. Meanwhile, the sheriff’s agent searched the home of Flores’ parents Arroyo Grande, who was away, but apparently came empty-handed. Flores’ mother’s neighbor said she had turned the police over to a strange activity she witnessed when Christine disappeared. Neighbors said they saw Flores and another young man digging Susan Flores’ backyard and pouring concrete late at night. He also claimed that the man carried a rolled rug that appeared to carry heavy objects. “I’ve never seen these guys,” the tipster told The Daily Beast. “And they’re digging this woman’s yard at this time of the day, and the kind of digging and concrete they were doing didn’t make any sense.” The second neighbor, Lauri Quinn, said she “We witnessed ongoing construction work,” said a 2000 report by an FBI agent in Susan Flores’ yard, including “a new concrete planter cut into existing cement in the backyard.” .. Susan’s backyard was also interested in the world-famous corpse dog, Buster, who discovered the ruins. Buster was twice on Susan’s fence line after passing through his neighbor’s backyard, out of about 200 World War II soldiers and other missing decades before his death in 2016. I warned you. “Believe me, there is human corruption in the soil,” Buster handler Paul Dosty, a former police officer, told the California Register, an independent newspaper that is now obsolete. In November 2016, The Daily Beast reported on four accusations. A woman who says Paul Flores has been sexually assaulted. One of the whistleblowers alleges that Flores and a friend raped her in 1994, a sophomore in high school. A second woman attending Carpoli said Flores groped her at the 1995 Halloween dance party and tried to rape her in the bathroom at a friend’s birthday party of the same year. In response to The Daily Beast’s exclusive report, Christine’s parents issued a statement thanking the women for their advancement. “These new claims to Paul Flores are very annoying and worth a thorough investigation,” they said. “Thanks to these brave women for their courage to talk about their experiences. Anyone with the information would be helpful in contacting the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. “A little information or memory can make a difference in the recovery of our beloved Christine.” In January 2020, Christine’s mother wrote in Stockton’s daily newspaper The Record, the retired FBI. Investigators said she warned her to prepare for a major break. 23 year cold case. “I’m ready. This will really be something you wouldn’t expect. I want to provide the support I need,” the agent told Christine’s mother, Dennis Smart. However, the retired lawyer did not say exactly when the bomb would fall. Immediately after Dennis’ claim became a national headline, the smart family turned back and said there were no imminent announcements. “Once the Marshals Service has completed the investigation, we will notify all of us when there is news to announce. Thank you for your understanding and common interest in the ongoing investigation.” The notice brought hope to Christine’s parents. Christine’s parents have been dealing with emotional roller coasters for many years, but progress has been modest, including a 2016 excavation by the university’s sheriff department. It is unknown what was excavated from the bargain. Read more on The Daily Beast. Do you have any hints? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.