A complete collection of iPhone 13 conference, new features, dates, and price news

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max


The much-anticipated iPhone 13 series is finally expected to debut next week. This year, there are many news and rumors about how Apple will configure this phone. This will be the Chinese version of Engadget to sort it out, so that everyone can have a more complete concept.

Apple event 2021 fall


Conference date

Currently, the only official confirmation is that Apple will hold an event on our side at 1:00 AM on September 15th. The theme is “California streaming”. You can watch the live broadcast through Apple’s official website and YouTube. Of course You can also wait for our Engadget China edition editor to organize all the articles for you.

Apple iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro


new model? new function?

According to the latest data from the FCC, Apple will launch four new phones, which are believed to be iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, each corresponding to the four iPhone 12 models currently in service. As for the specialty of the Pro model, it is probably said that Apple will enhance the recording performance, including the introduction of the portrait mode and ProRes format applicable in the recording mode.

On the other hand, there are multiple sources of information that Apple will use the new 120Hz LTPO panel on the new iPhone, but considering the cost, it may be unique to the Pro model. However, the always-on feature of Always On may be added to the full range of mobile phones. After all, it is only a software function.

Speaking of the screen, Guo Mingchi, Mark Gurman, etc. have mentioned that the iPhone 13 may have a smaller forehead bangs, that is, the TrueDepth camera module that includes the front camera, Face ID components, and so on. This has been used since the beginning of the iPhone X, and it has been used for three years. It is reasonable to change.

A recent revelation is that iPhone 13 will support the communication function of low-orbit satellites, allowing users to dial distress calls and messages via satellites in an emergency, but I hope that this function will not be available to everyone.

Launch date, price

There is not much news about the launch date and price of the new iPhone 13 series. According to the usual practice, Apple will first pre-sell in the first wave of the market within a few days after the release, and will be officially launched at the end of the same month. So we can refer to the new mobile phone at the end of September.

Apple Watch


something else

Of course, there will be more than just the iPhone 13 at the Apple conference. There will be an update of Apple Watch as usual. It will be Apple Watch Series 7. The screen and body will be correspondingly larger. At the same time, the U1 chip is more likely to be added. Ultra-wideband positioning technology enhances the practicability of Find My.

In addition, the iPad and iPad mini have not been updated for a while. This entry-level basic tablet may also be upgraded appropriately.