A corpse was found under the bridge, igniting a search for a hit-and-run driver, says North Carolina police.

North Carolina police are looking for a driver who claims to have beaten two dead under the bridge on Sunday.

Is The body was found under the Curtis Bridge According to a Wilkesboro police news release, a police officer was called in Wilkesboro around 2:30 pm on Sunday and the investigation began.

Investigators subsequently determined that men and women were “victims of hit-and-run traffic accidents,” police said.

According to police, they were walking on the bridge “sometime recently” but were thrown to the side by a car.

Police have not disclosed the victim’s identity, but police officers are “working to notify relatives.”

Investigators are seeking information about the vehicles and drivers involved, police said. If you have any information, please call 336-667-7277.

Wilkesboro is located in Wilkes County, about 160 miles west of Raleigh.

According to Georgia police, the man fires at a jogging man and pinches a pedestrian between cars.

Two bikers were shot dead and another injured in North Carolina, police say

According to North Carolina police, the man was arrested a few days after a dismembered body was found on a driveway.

Marines have been prosecuted after a truck was run by a camper in Croatan National Forest, North Carolina police say.

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