A couple detained on a plane after leaving the Dutch quarantine


The Hague, The Netherlands — The Dutch Constitutional Corps arrested a husband and wife on Sunday who left the isolated hotel after boarding a plane with a positive COVID-19 test.

Local media reported that the couple were about to return to Spain.

A local security official spokesman covering Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport said on Monday that an investigation was underway on whether the couple had committed a crime and should be prosecuted.

“Quarantine is not mandatory, but it does assume that people act responsibly,” said spokeswoman Petra Faber. “But there was a couple who wanted to go home, and they tried to go home. The Royal Marechaussee took them off the plane and returned them to local health authorities.”

When authorities heard that the couple had left the hotel, Marianne Schumanns, head of local security authorities, immediately signed a quarantine order authorizing the Marekhausy police to detain the couple.

“These people are now being quarantined in hospitals elsewhere in the Netherlands, not in our municipality,” Faber said.

Authorities did not cite the privacy rules to provide details about the couple or whether they tested positive for a new micron variant of the coronavirus.

A total of 624 people arrived at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on Friday on two flights from South Africa. Tests showed that 61 of them had COVID-19, and sample sequencing showed so far that at least 13 of them had new variants.

“I don’t understand how people who test positive do this,” Schuurmans told Dutch broadcaster WNL.

Associated Press