A couple found in bed together after the Miami building collapsed, says grandson

Antonio and Gladys Rosano have been married for over 58 years and have a condominium building in the Miami Beach area. Last week was debris..

The idea provides some comfort to their grandson Brian Rosano. For him, it was a worthy end to his grandparents’ decades of love story.

“They couldn’t stand for a moment without each other.” He told NBC Miami.. “I have never seen them apart.”

Antonio (83) and Gladys Rosano (79) lived in Unit 903 of Champlain Towers South when the building suddenly collapsed. June 24, around 1:30 am.. They were a month away from their 59th wedding anniversary.

According to his son Sergio Rosano, who lives in another Champlan condominium, the couple did not always want one to die before the other.

He had dinner with his parents just hours before the tragedy unfolded. He heard a loud noise on the morning of the collapse and looked out of his parents’ building and said he couldn’t believe what he saw, or more precisely what he didn’t see.

“I say [my wife], “It’s not there.” And she shouts, “What do you mean?” “My parents’ apartment isn’t there, it’s gone!” And I just ran downstairs. ” Sergio Rosano told WPLG..

Brian Rosano said the bodies of his grandparents were also encouraging. Was one of the first to be recovered..

As of Friday morning, at least 20 victims were confirmed dead, and another 128 remained unexplained, officials said.

“I’m finally at peace. I really want other families to finally get that peace, knowing that I got that feeling of closure,” said Brian Rosano.

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